Goodbye Me
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someone I am a prey that became a predator
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Had to change myself

Goodbye Me

She was mean, she was ruthless, she was everything I hated. She was mad, she was scary, she had her throne in Hell. She lost hope, she cried too much, she tried to end it. She tried once but was not able to make it.

She was scared, she was alone, she had been left behind. She asked for help, she prayed all night, she never got a sign. She broke down, she saw no future, she had nowhere to hide. She tried twice but was not able to make it.

She was weak, she was distraught, she thought there was no way out. She was changed, she had gone mad, yet she wanted to stay alive. She pulled through, she did her treatment, she is still alive. She never tried again and she made it.

She is I, and I am she, and I am still alive. Countless nights I thank myself that I did not try a third time. I had to let her go, to change myself in order to survive. All she wants to say to you is: Don't do it, live your life.

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