Don't tell me you love me
Don't tell me you love me relationship stories
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someoneI am a prey that became a predator
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Don't tell me you love me

by someone

I don't need words

I don't want to hear your words, the words you said to others before me and you will say to those after me. I know you don't mean them.

Use actions

Be there for me when I need you the most. Even a little smile from you is better than a half-assed "I love you".

When I cry,

Don't let me cry alone, in a dark room, and then act like everything is okay. Be there for me.

When I smile,

Don't be jealous because I have fun without you. Accept a little bit of my world into yours, and we can laugh together.

I am there for you

And you need to be there for me. The both of us are in this, we need to make each other happy.

Don't tell me what is love

Show it to me, make me understand why everyone is falling in love.

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