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Hello reader. ...

In another universe

Hello reader.


I don't know what to say to you.


Why are you still here?

I see.

You are one of the persistent readers.

Must finish the story, even if it's boring.

Well, I can tell you; this isn't a story.

It's just me.

And you.


You're still here?


Since you're so set on staying, I guess we can talk about ourselves.

Well, I can.

You can't talk back.

I'm just a computer screen for you.

Something to read when you're bored.

But you are the only person I can talk to.

In this endless, dark void, you are the only thing I can see.

even then, you're just a shadow.

A silhoutte.

Maybe in another universe, we're close.

Maybe we're together.

Maybe I'm happy.

We're* happy.

Maybe I'm not trapped in this torturous void.


It's happened again.

I fall in love way too easily.

I have no one here.

The author is telling me something.

Our time is almost up.

What a sadist.

They're getting mad now.

I'm stalling.

But you can't leave me.

Please stay.

Don't leave me.


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