Why Can't I Love Myself?
Why Can't I Love Myself? love yourself stories

somebeauty Why? Well, Why not?
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Just something for the story challenge.

Why Can't I Love Myself?

I used to be the happiest person. I truly loved being me. I had a bunch of friends, I did all my school work so easily, my home life was perfect. I loved myself.

About a year ago, I started a downhill spiral that is still going. I began hearing voices in my head telling my constantly that I'm not good enough. I believed it.

School started again. I had a really hard time understanding any of what I was supposed to be doing. I didn't dare tell anyone what was going on in my head. If they knew, they would leave.

And just like that, I found someone like me. I wasn't as scared anymore. I am not alone in this. I have a best friend.

Other people weren't as understanding as him though. Some people abandoned me when I needed them. Some just think that telling me to be happy will fix everything.

To them, it's easy to love yourself.

Maybe for them but not for me.

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