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Here's my contribution to the story prompt

My Tribute

Today's story prompt has perfect timing because there is a tribute I need to make. So this writing here is to my best friend. And let me go ahead and make this clear, I ain't in love with him and he isn't in love with me. Just so you know.

I really hope this will make you smile. You deserve to smile. You deserve to laugh. You deserve to be happy. I know you don't think you do. But seriously, you do not deserve all this pain that you face.

I want to make it known that my best friend is one of the most amazing people on the planet. Wait, no, that's too small. Out of the universe would be more fitting because hey, maybe there'e a really awesome species of aliens that are super cool and kind. But they could never be better than my best friend.

Before this year, I don't think I really knew what a best friend was. Yes, I had good friends and people I was close to. But nothing like this. This past year, everything has gotten worse and worse. But I've got someone to is always there to catch me if I fall. His words always bring my smile back. I can always go to him when I feel down and he is always helpful.

My best friend has seen the worst parts of me. He has seen how broken I am and yet he is still here. So I need to thank you, best friend. I hope you liked this piece. You are truly amazing. Thank you for being you.

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