I Love You
I Love You brokenheart stories

somebeauty Why? Well, Why not?
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This is just a string of feelings, nothing special

I Love You

It's official

I'm me

You're you

There is no us

Maybe you didn't understand it but I needed you

I still need you

Every time I wanted to talk to you, it just left me cold and alone

But I still loved you

You were my everything

You made me smile and laugh and feel safe

I wish I could have talked to you more

I wish I could spend more than just 5 seconds looking at you from across a hallway

I wish you would have reached out to me

But instead, I slowly fell apart without you even knowing

I'm better off without you

I know I am

I have to be

But I can't be strong for much longer

I want to be brave like my friends say I am

I want to be the person they say I can be

But I can't

And I'm sorry

I love you kitty....

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