Being Torn Apart
Being Torn Apart torn stories

somebeauty Why? Well, Why not?
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A little something for the story prompt

Being Torn Apart

I loved you I still love you At times you were the only thing holding me together But then you tore me apart

I thought everything was okay It's been 16 months, that's a long time to love someone I heard you with another girl I can't believe it I can't believe it because you love me too much to tear me apart

But then I saw you with her She playfully slapped your hand She messes with your hair And you don't do anything to stop her

I am being torn apart Piece by Piece

I reach for the locket you gave me only to realize that it isn't there I don't understand Only a week ago we were looking forward to a future together Was that fake?

You're leaving me Although a piece of me has left with you I am torn apart by your claws You didn't even bother to clean the shreds off

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