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*this is not a true story*
About how books can help everyone


I had a hard life when I was young.

My parents weren't mean to me, but they didn't have very much time for me.

We weren't in the greatest place financially, so they were always working. It definitely could have been worse, but it wasn't the best.

We didn't have very many toys, and I had to share mine with my little brothers.

The one thing I really had for myself was a library card.

The library was a great gateway to other universes and my card was the key.

Every chance I got, I would walk down the street to the public library and stay for hours.

I would immerse myself in all kinds of books. I read comics, graphic novels, horror, young adult, and so much more. Fiction was my escape from the reality that I lived.

And now, many years later, I've made life better for myself.

I've become an author, to help those who need an escape like I did.

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