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saudade // a nostalgic longing to be near again to something or someone that is distant, or that has been loved and then lost; "a love that remains"


Late afternoon and the sky is pink

sitting solely, I can't help but think

If you still remember the blissful moments

Happened in our so-called resting place.

Everything seemed like just yesterday

When our fingers are tightly intertwined

Sitting on the couch while I rest my head on yours

And listening to your heartbeat, in the rhythm of my own.

Your arms are wrapped around me-- I feel so safe,

We watched movies and shared our discernment in each,

Played our favorite songs, sing-along with it

And we ended up locking our lips.

The sun has set, and darkness is taking reign

You drew me closer,

for our time of day has come to an end

In a minute, we needed to part ways.

Being away from you makes my heart suffer

I'm always looking forward to what tomorrow may offer

Will things still be the same?

Or I must prepare for a huge change.

Nothing is permanent in this world-- they said,

but their words are inconsequential for me

Because I believe that as long as I can hold your hand

And you'd stay by my side, we'll surpass everything.

But maybe we are not destined for each other

For a distance was created between us

Like twilight and dawn -- never will it meet,

Because our love is just another cruel game of fate.

Now here I am, looking at those moments,

nothing more, but just as fond memories

Asking myself if when will I experience again,

The most euphoric feeling -- being with you,

amidst in November.

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