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solar Community member
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Some regrets I had on my first date with my lovely crush. I converted my anguish and resentment towards myself into a poem. Hope you guys like it c:

Forgive me

Amidst the vast sea of people,

your radiant smile had you shining like a model,

hormones or not there's no doubt you looked beautiful,

your hair possessed a ravishing gradient of brown and black,

your messy low pony tail kept your gorgeous hair in check,

your brilliant eyes sunk me to the depths of its abysmal beauty,

your scarlet red lipstick brought along a touch of maturity,

everything pertinent to you exceeded more than just perfection,

forgive me,

for I had suppressed my voices of veracity,

forgive me,

for I had cowered in my own ambiguity,

forgive me,

for I, had failed to let you see,

how deeply I had fallen for thee,

forgive me.

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