Snowball, The Devil
Snowball, The Devil stories

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Snowball, The Devil

by SOHINEE DEY (Written in 7th grade)

I have a friend named Shiny, She is as sweet as honey. She is a girl roly-poly, Her mom calls her dolly.

Shiny is fond of Sunday, She calls it a funday. No early rising, no school, It's really so cool!

She enjoys ice-cream Whenever she goes for her hair trim. She loves it with essence vanilla And relishes it sitting in Sang-ri-La.

Whenever I go to meet her, She appears with a chocolate bar. She eats it in breakfast, lunch and dinner, For, she needs to finish the stock sooner!

I asked her if she gets scolded by her Mommy She says, "Who cares? It's so yummy!" Which she never shares.

Once I heard that she was sick, So, I rushed to her so quick. I realised snowball was the cause But surprisingly, she never gave a pause!

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