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Appearances can be deceiving!


by Sohinee Dey

Stretched along in front of her was the forlorn fortress, She trailed along in the dress sewn by her seamstress, Her nerves were in distress,

But she wore a veil of de-stress, Appearing  to be seamless. Parting the crowd in a manner so ceaseless, That the crowd erupted in a sigh so dreamless.

And then there he was, Standing amidst the crowd so vast, Tempting looks and stolen glances were cast.

Made promises to last, But the  crowd parted them as a must. They met again, But this time their efforts didn't go in vain.

They found themselves in each others arms, Dancing along amidst the swarms, Compliments were thrown in darts, Elegantly in the form of an art.

He complimented her skin to be flawless, But to the secrets, he was still clueless. For she was impeccably credulous.

She complimented his charisma to be appealing, Glances in between she was stealing, Oblivious to the secrets, imposed were feelings.

She moved forward, propelled by a daze, Everything faded out as if in a haze. Standing more close, she was amazed. The mask left his features caged.

He made gestures so grandiose, And used words in ploce. Hidden was the fact that she was a Grosz.

Wisp as it was; didn't stop them from being in Beauce. Gameplay was on, so was the desire to seduce. And soon, words were forgotten, Into a tangled mass were they reduced.

The sun kissed the sky a goodbye, And drove down the horizon. Peeked out the moon, appearing to be a sullen wizen. Along came the midnight with a drizzle.

Gold plating and titanium armour melted away, Leaving them feeling abashed. Two flesh stared; completely gashed.

All the simulacrum dissolved, He turned out to be a bawdy and boorish man, Abhorrent to the mind, aberrant to the skin.

She dusted off her sound demeanour into the nearest bin. Almost grotesque, she was akin.

Acceptance took mercy even after their sins. Promised; towards each other they would forever lean.

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