Her Amorphous Friend
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Her Amorphous Friend

by Sohinee Dey

When wishing 'Happy Friendship Day' was becoming a trend,

She remembered her long lost friend.

Desultory promises that were made before hand,

Now were stranded in the forgotten land.

Too many friendship bands adorned her wrist,

But what was a band with the absence of a bond?

Holding close those cherished memories of which she was fond

Left her messages to which never did she respond.

Smiling and returning the words of wishes was what she did,

Sold off promises as if she were in a bid.

Dulcet words were spoken in eloquence,

Under the clown's mask, the labirynth of emotions she hid.

The vestiges of her lost friend lingered in her memory,

Embrocated those memories with an emollient of emery.

She felt as if she was pushed into a stemmery,

When the pills stripped her off her memory.

Found out that there was no friend all along,

The vestibules of those words kept playing like a susurrous song,

And when the alarm played the tune of ding-dong,

She woke up from those memories for which she would forever mourn.

Everyone around her was happy,

Rejoicing were they, when only she felt sappy.

Angry was she over the doctor,

For taking away her friend without her concern.

Realised that her friend had faded away a long time ago,

Without her, the  present days gleamed like a halo.

Prayed for her long lost friend,

That her days would have disposition of gay, And whispered to herself a Happy Friendship Day.

It's a twisted one! Hope you noticed it!

This poem is a little twisted in itself but I hope you liked it nonetheless!

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