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softlove a lonely girl, with too many thoughts
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Affection (n.) - a gentle feeling of fondness or liking.
Synonym - Love

a f f e c t i o n

You are perfect.

It reads super cheesy, and maybe even pathetic, I know.

I can hear your laughter as I write this, I can practically feel it vibrate through my body. I can hear the whispers of ' i love you' as they settle into my heart.

For you have become my home.

God, never did I think I would be writing those words.

You've taught me to care, to love and to not be afraid of what comes next.

For when you came into my life you splashed it with color. You become my painter., making me your art. But when we're together we are a masterpiece

For when we are together we are romance - painfully beautiful.

We lay in bed, in silence, exploring our bodies and it's the most romantic thing in this universe.

For you have taught to me the beauty in things. You saw the beauty in me when I couldn't.

You make me feel light. When I'm with you I'm the most content

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