The Graveyard
The Graveyard skeletons stories

sofiavon Creativity, humor, and love.
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Unfinished. Mulling over it al

The Graveyard

A box of shadows lies dormant in a cluttered altar

Seething in circuitous rage it ravages for a state of tranquility

Clinging to clichés it finds a familiar maze of cognition to pace

Crunch Time Crunch Less of it... A prosaic necrosis leeching at the lungs of the pure until the labyrinth halts and coughs for another chance to die

But there

A smile permeates the glass of the half empty and the being forges on in the wish of a kiss beyond birth

But no one could want such a putrescent jinn

A miscegenation of indolence and desperation half-cocked to quake at the cackle of a shred of hope...

Her illiterate alliterations go as far as a pebble into the deep where once

She found her depths

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