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Please vote on it!!!C'mon it won't be so hard(just kidding).By the way is for a contest and your votes will be helpful!!Thank you...if you do.If not, whatever...I don't care! :p


by Sofia Salgado

Everything...what does that means for you? Family,friends,money,happiness,health Or do you think that's not true? Maybe something convinient to yor wealth

Maybe something important for you to set Don't worry,you don't have to be in tears I haven't found my everything yet As you,I don't even know what does that means.

Many topics to write about and I chose all of them I have no doubt,I must be mistaken in many things We were taught to chose everything sudden I think thay forgot that We make our everythings

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I voted. I also followed you. I like your style. You got brass pants, Sofia. I enjoyed the rhyming scheme and the rhythm of the words, You did a very good job here. Keep it up. You are talented.

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haha i liked it!!