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Chapter 1

SHERLOCK (season 5)

HER LAST BOW Chapter 1

The days of February are here upon Baker Street. All the grey dark streets are now painted with white by the generous snow. People are hurried inside their establishment as the cold weather are here for them.

Mrs. Hudson just enters the room with two cup of tea and a plate of cookies. Sherlock boredly concentrates on adjusting his violin, while John Watson is busy updating his blog.

".. I tell you Sherlock, we should take that case Lestrade told us.. the one with the whole family who died in a close room." John speaks.

"Boring. The father killed them, the key is thrown into the garden. Lestrade might just have found them right now." Sherlock doesn't take his eyes of the violin.

"Well then, how about the lad that just came in today? You know, he claimed that his mother is missing." John suggested.

"Missing not more than 24 hours. That mother might just want to escape from her 34 year old son, who still lives in her house." Sherlock in his cynical voice.

"Don't worry Sherlock, you'll always found a good case. Just think about it, right now there's someone who plot a murder just to beat you." Mrs. Hudson cheerfully added.

"I doubt that, Mrs. Hudson." Sherlock murmured.

The sound of a door open down stairs, distract them for a while.

"Don't worry its must be your cocky brother." said Mrs. Hudson.

"I'm not so sure he is the cocky one, Mrs. Hudson." said John with eyes glued to his laptop.

"Don't you ever knocked anymore, Mycroft?" Sherlock finally move his gaze into the door. The gentleman in question appears at the door.

"Happy New Year to you too, brother dear. I assume you have a productive day?" Mycroft replied.

"It's February, Mycroft." Sherlock mocked.

"So Happy Valentine then, although it's a bit early since it is still in a week."

"You never here just for the holidays, Mycroft. Just let the cats out of the bag, what is it that you want us to do." John said.

"Well, maybe I do come here once in a while for the holidays."

"..or checking up if Sherlock use some sauce again." John added.

"You got to admit, it's not something that off the table, John." Mycroft softly replied.

"Well, I might just get back with it if there's no good case ever show up."

Mycroft circle the room while his eyes examining the table in front of him.

"I'm afraid you might have a competition brother dear, there's a word out that "He" is back in the game."

"Who does?" ask John.

"Some Belgium detective, an old one." Mycroft answered.

"I thought he is dead." Sherlock say not in a bit of surprised.

"So you heard of it. Have you ever met him?" Mycroft asked.

"Not even wanting to." Sherlock answered.

Mycroft smile cynically, "Why? Afraid to look in to the mirror? What the future holds for you?"

Sherlock put his violin down in one swing, he put his violin back in to it's container. "Don't you have a country to run, Mycroft? Won't the Queen fired you if you have to much free time?"

"I have some cases if you ready to.. as our old Belgian friend said, use the grey cell in your brain." Mycroft mocked.

"Who is this Belgian detective really?" John interested.

The bickering conversation stop when there's a knock on the door.

"That must be Molly with Rosie." Mrs. Hudson said hurrying down stairs.

"Why did you let her babysit Rosie?" Sherlock intensely whispered to John.

"Do you know how much cost it is to hired a full time nanny these days? And it's not we are flowing on cash right now. I'm still looking for a job where I can be a doctor, but sometimes being a sidekick detective too." John whispered back.

"This is the second time she's here this week." Sherlock with a relentless expression.

"Does she come here often?" ask Mycroft carefully.

"Yeah, you know.. a little time after.. you know the last.. incident with your little sister." John mumbled an answer.

Sherlock quickly look up his smartphone. "Lestrade that bastard, he's timing is perfection. Come on John, we got a case to solve. Somebody is finally dead."

"But.. dont you say all his cases are boring?" John reminded.

"Not this time." Answered Sherlock positively.

Sherlock quickly grab his coat, while John still hesitating.

"But.. Rosie, I have'nt see her in ages. Can you please give me.."

John sentence was stopped by Molly who suddenly pop at the door.

"Oh, hello everybody.. I'm just here to drop Rosie.. and have a little tea with Mrs. Hudson."

Sherlock is now fully dress with his coat and hat, give John a look to hurry him up. Which is ignore by John once he sees Rosie.

"Rosie my girl. My gosh, how long has it been I almost can't recognize you."

"They grew up so fast at this age." Molly replied in her usual modest manner, unaware of the tension building in the room.

"Charming." Mycroft who also not usual with normal human interaction reply in one word. "Well, brother dear as much as I enjoy this, I have a country to run."

After finished his sentence, Mycroft fleed the room. Leaving the growing impatient Sherlock, who has no choice but to wait for John adores his little girl.

"Oh for God sake, just bring her then. A little crime scene won't hurt her. She will be surrounded by police, might found one who can baby sit her there." cried Sherlock impatiently.

"I can watch her." Molly voice suddenly break the atmosphere.

John looks to everyone in the room with confusion. "But.. you just bring her here.."

"It's alright, my shift at the hospital is at night today. Mrs. Hudson and I are going to talk about our little Valentine project anyway." Molly said.

"Valentine project?" John looking Mrs. Hudson in confusion.

"Yes dear, we are going to give roses for people on the street that day." Mrs. Hudson answered.

"I'm sorry by people you mean.. random people?" John asked again.

"Yes, on the street we will give away roses for them on the street." Mrs. Hudson answered proudly.

"Random lonely people must be." Sherlock added coldly.

"No need to be cruel, Sherlock. Not anyone of us in this room has someone to share this year Valentine's day." Mrs. Hudson replied.

After that, John face suddenly turns into as cold as icy stone. Mrs. Hudson quickly realized what it meant for John.

"Oh, I'm sorry John.. I didn't mean to remind you.." Mrs Hudson apologized.

John nods and smile with as many muscle he can pull from his face. "It's alright, Mrs. Hudson. It's been a while now.."

For a moment there is a tense silence in the room. Suddenly Sherlock claps his hands, "Well then, problem solved. We will be back before dinner if everything goes well."

Sherlock quickly walks down the stairs.

John hands Rosie over to Molly, and while he puts on his jacket, he quietly reach out to Molly again.

"I really can't thank you enough for this Molly. And I also very.. sorry.." John's voice getting low at the end.

"Now John, she's my friend too.. I mean Mary is my friend too." Molly smiled.

For a split seconds the two feels like they're the only people in this world who still remember Mary.

"Coming, John?" the cold impatient voice of Sherlock ruin the moment, as he carefully watch the two from under the stairs.

"I'll try coming back before dinner." John finally make his way down the stairs.

As the two gentlemen depart Baker Street, Molly watch them leaves, as she quietly kiss Rosie's forehead.

"Get a nanny will you!" Sherlock suddenly lashed out to John, as he waived his hand for taxi.

"I already told you.." John said.

"Now, she's going to be there when we get back!" Sherlock continued.

"For the love of God, what is got in to you? Can you be a little bit.. you know.. nicer to her. After what happened." John try to reasoned.

"This is have nothing to do with what happened." Sherlock hastily replied.

John just sigh deeply. He knows there is no used to argue with Sherlock in this.

Sometimes he thought Sherlock just doesn't have the capability to grasps the aftermath of what happened at his sister's prison. He is after all a high functioning sosiopath.

They arrived at the scene of the crime. Lestrade standing at the front of a hotel, waiting for them.

"I thought you lads won't show up." Lestrade said.

"Well, we almost did." John replied coldly.

Sherlock doesn't say anything as usual he go straight to what excites him most, the crime scene.

"You might surprise by this, but Valentine is our busiest week after all." Lestrade said.

"Female.. early 40, no almost 50.. she took a lenght to look younger, needle shot at forehead.. botox.." Sherlock began his analysis.

"This reminds me with The Study in Pink" said John.

A woman with matching outfit lay on a floor of a hotel room. The difference from study in pink is she wears a dark outfit. A dark brown colour.

"Cause of death?" Sherlock still examining the body.

"We didn't find any signs of violence in any ways, so our biggest guess is.."

"Poison." John answer. "So it's probably suicide."

"No, notes." Sherlock said now he examining the surroundings.

"You're right. No notes. But still people these days might not leave one. You know they just in a hurry to leave." Lestrade said.

"But there's something you need to know. She have insurance, so her ex-husband is going to be really rich now." Lestrade informed.

"Where's the ex-husband?" Sherlock asked.

"At the time of her death, he had a meeting downtown. Perfect alibi, the whole meeting room saw him." Lestrade answered.

"Where there is perfect alibi, there is a doubt." said Sherlock.

"But how he killed her from a far?" asked John again.

"We need more facts. Lestrade?"

"Ah, Right.." Lestrade open his file, "So far we know she's divorced. Her ex-husband works at a pharmaceutical company. They got divorce 2 years ago. Her husband recently engaged to a much younger lady. Probably the reason she killed herself."

"With what?" John asked again.

"That is the question." Sherlock answered. "But this isn't a room for someone who wants to commit suicide." Sherlock continued.

"She doesn't have any appointment for the next 10 days." said Lestrade while handing Sherlock a smartphone in a plastic bag

"Perhaps she doesn't. She isn't the outgoing type, she enjoyed staying at home unlike her ex-husband." Sherlock keep talking while he's looking at the dead lady's phone.

"Here. She had an entire album filled with cats photos. I found cat's fur in her body. If she's planning to die she might want to take her cats to someone else. Make sure they're alright. My guess is she just here to meet someone."

"And got killed instead." John continued. "Just want to exercise all of our options, since there is no cause of dead. Aren't you guys forgetting one other option?"

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