SHERLOCK (season 5) epilogue

SHERLOCK (season 5) 
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Chapter 19 (Epilogue)

SHERLOCK (season 5) epilogue

Lestrade carefully observes the woman in front of him. She sure is has different hairstyles, but it's surely the same woman he found dead on the bench almost two months ago.

"Dear God, Molly.. I found you lifeless back there. And you're now here.. I even attended your funeral for God sake." Lestrade cried.

"I'm so sorry.." Molly smiled, embarrassed.

"I think you owe us an explanation." Sherlock said. "Skip the fake death part, just on to the mansions one."

"Right. In Aussie, at the outback, that guy Richard, actually worked for those people in the mansions.. they run child trafficking."

"Yeah, we confirmed it." said Lestrade "Apparently, the late Lord Smallwood was blackmailed. They forced him to allowed them to use his property as their base operation.

He approved, buy I think he can't face his sin, so he.. he take his own life."

"I thought it's because Magnusen." John said.

"Magnusen probably the one who blackmailed him the first placed. Long before he threatened Lady Elizabeth."

"So those boys we saw at the house.. it was Clay and Ethan?" John asked again.

Molly nods. "I overheard Richard talked to them on the phone. They were scheduled to be move to England a few days ago."

"Well, I can't thank you enough for making all this fuss low profile." said Lady Elizabeth. "..and I think I can make sure you'll be able to get what you want, Ms. Hooper."

"What is that?" Sherlock asked.

"I'm going to adopt them, Clay and Ethan. They don't have anyone else in this world." Molly said.

"But unfortunately, you'll also need to stay lay low. I'm registering you and the boys to a witness protection program.

You've been involved with Moriarty and a child trafficking ring, who knows what is out there." said Lady Elizabeth.

"And James.. you have proven yourself quiet well. You might finally be a service at this country after all." she said again before leaving.

Molly stands up and gathers her stuff in the hospital room.

"I assume all your other belongings is gone. The one from your old flat." Sherlock said.

"Yeah. I guess so." Molly said.

"Does Lady Elizabeth told you where she's going to relocate you and the boys?" Sherlock asked again.

"She does. But they said for my safety, it's better for me not to inform anyone." Molly replied.

There's a silence for a while.

"You know I will eventually find out where you are going, right?" Sherlock said in a low tone.

Molly finished pack her belongings in one bag. She faces Sherlock now.

"You and I both know it's not a question of where I am, isn't it." After that sentence she smiles and left Sherlock alone in the room.


Sherlock back at the hospital garden, unsurprised finding James there.

"Well, hello there. How's our lovely Ms. Hooper." James greeted him.

"Will you stop that." Sherlock said as he sits on the bench.

James observes him and smirks.

"You know, you did all these because it's what your gift is, right? Because you're good at this."

"Because nothing else excited me." Sherlock corrected.

"Is that so. Then you might want to reconsider spending all your times catching all the bad guys and spending more time for yourself. You don't have to catch all the dragons yourself."

Sherlock looks at James in amusement. It was Hercule Poirot's words to him in his apartment.

"You.. you were there." Sherlock said.

"Nobody noticed the guy opening the door." James pointed.

"It was you? The buttler."

"He made me a deal. If I helped him with his project, he'll help arranging a plan for Molly." when he said Molly's name Sherlock becomes quiet again.

"Unfortunately, I helped him too well." James shows Sherlock a newspaper, reporting the death of Hercule Poirot. Sherlock takes a glance of it.

"So, he really proceeded in killing himself.. Closing the curtain."

"The end way he chosed. The question is.. what way would you choose?" James smiled cheerfully.

"Are you trying to giving me context?" Sherlock said in cynistic tone.

"It's not bad changing course once in a while."

"Oh, like you did with all those different women you meet every night?" Sherlock said again.

James sits next to Sherlock laughing. "Are you jealous of me?" making Sherlock blushes. "You know Sherlock, the way to a woman's heart is preety simple..

Just show them you have good intention, then you win half the battle. Just show up in front of them holding flowers, I guarantee the rest is easy."

Sherlock just stay quite for a while.

"Aren't you supposed to tell John who you really are?" Sherlock asked again.

"There's plenty of time for that. I think he will be more prepared if you break the news first." James said as he about to leave.

Sherlock looks at him. "..thank you, James. You saved us a couple time. Me, John, Molly and Rosie."

"Not a problem. I'll be hanging around here anyway." James added.

"Sorry, I don't catch your first name." Sherlock said.

"James is my first name."

"So your last name is.."

"Well, my step father name is Quatermaine, so I was supposed to use that name. But Mary didn't used it, so I think I'll do the same. Creating my own." James said.

"The great thing of being a spy, isn't it. Well, I'm glad we bonded." Sherlock said shoving his hand for a handshake.

James shakes his hand while thinking. "Bonded.. I like the way it sound.. maybe it'll go together for my name. James Bond.." he said almost to himself.

"Very well, Holmes. I'll see you around." He said as goodbye.


At Baker Street, James is sitting in the living room with Rosie when Sherlock finally arrives.

"You finally, here. How is that jocks doing?"

"I think he's about to be on her Majesty secret service.. and reconnect with his family." Sherlock answered.

"Is that so? Who's the lucky bastard he wants to reconnect with." John said while attends to Rosie.

Sherlock can't help but smiles when he heard it.

"Have you heard the news? That Belgian detective of yours, is dead. Shoot himself in the head." John said.

"Yeah, I heard it." Sherlock answered. "He left me with a riddle though, back when I visited him."

"Really? Another riddle. What is it?" John interested.

"His last word to me was "why you were there"."

John sips his coffee and repeat it. "Why you were there.." He slowly thinks and quietly looks at Sherlock in revelation.

"Sherlock, you both are the same aren't you? You both are brilliant detectives.."

"Only he shot himself first." jokes Sherlock.

John stands in front of Sherlock after he puts his cup of coffee down.

"I think, for once in your life, I'm going to solve this mystery for you, Sherlock." he said attentively.

"Why you were there, Sherlock?" he repeats it again.

"I beg your pardon?" Sherlock confused.

"Why you were there? Take a another look back, before Sydney, Singapore, Eurus, Magnusen, Mary, Moriarty.. before you met me. Take a look back, you have one of the most profound memory. And ask yourself why you were there."

Sherlock was about to sips his tea, when he stops midair.

"When we met at the hospital, when my friend introduced us for a flat mate. Why were you there, Sherlock? Your brother is one of the most powerful man in England, you can do your research anywhere in this country, you have multiple clients indebted to you.

But you chose to be there. Why?"

Sherlock still holds his cup midair, as if his computer mind is crashing.

John satisfied with his work, carries Rosie to another room, and let him be.


"I'm glad you are alright, Mycroft. But, I think your health need to come first, and in order to do that I can't let you work like you used to." Prime Minister said.

"Sir, I assured you, I'm in perfect condition to do my job."

"Well, that isn't the only reason. There is this new program I want you to lead. I can't trust anyone else. Especially after what happened with Moriarty and that Smallwood's estate. We need good comeback." The Prime Minister continued.

"Is that so, Sir." Mycroft dissapointly replied.

"And you're not in any postion to refuse. I know how you use your power to take care of your family, especially your little sister. You are obliged to do this."

"Very well, Sir. I shall looks into it." Mycroft takes the paper he assigned for.

Mycroft dwells in his new office, as he talks to his new secretary. "Miss, call my first meeting."

Mycroft lift his eyes as he surprised who just enter his room.

"Oh, dear God, not you." he cried.

"Is that a way to greet the man who saved you?" James said in his cheerfull manner.

"Why the heck are you here? Did Elizabeth let you go?" Mycroft asked.

"She actually send me here to look after you, sir. She was really worry." The last sentence was said in meaningful tone.

"For God sake, just let me get through with this. Find you'll be the first agent here. Ah, wait. There's already 6 previous agent before you, all were deceased.

And I'm preparing to recruit a hundreds more." Mycroft said.

"Well, then I'll be agent number 007 then, Mycroft." James casually said.

"How dare you called me by my first name." Said Mycroft.

"I can't call you Holmes, I'm friend with your brother now."

"Ah, fine then. Just call me M."


John walks into what appears to be an empty living room of the new Baker Street.

"Sherlock.." John calls out. "I'm here to tell you I'm spending the evening with Rosie. I can't play detective with you today."

John proceeds to search to another rooms, but he can't find Sherlock anywhere. He then sits in the living room, enjoying the silence.

He unintentionally looks to the vase on the table, Mrs. Hudson usually filled it with flower every day.

It's now empty.


The End

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