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Chapter 10

SHERLOCK (season 5)


Now he looks at his best friend again. "You can do this, Sherlock. If anyone could guess the password it's you.."

Sherlock silently close his eyes. Looking for clues in his head. What is this about? About Molly, Molly and Rosie..

Are they first letter combine? Rosie's age? Molly's age? But what if this isn't about them? It knocked on John's blog, it has to be about Rosie right? Is it her birthday, her favorite plays..

Sherlock open his eyes. "There's to many.. There's to many possibilities.." Sherlock said.

John grabs his friend both arm, now they come face to face. "Come on, Sherlock.. search again, you can do it!"

Sherlock lock his eyes again. It has to be something meaningfull. More than anything, something that change us to the way we are right now.

"Is it only numbers or alphabets too?" John asked Craig.

"It can be both." Craig answered.

Sherlock finally open his eyes.

"I think i'm going to put my first attempt.." Sherlock said.

He then quickly type the keyboards.

"If we failed 2 attempts, can we try it again later?" John asked again nervously as he looks to Craig.

Craig only lift his shoulders, "That, I don't know."

John looks to the screen, he sees what Sherlock has input.

"..14." John whispered. "Why 14?"

"The day Molly died." Sherlock answered cautiously. "Valentine's day."

In an instance a big red X shown in the screen, along with a 2 minutes countdown under it. Now the input box appears again.

Craig stands up. "2 minutes countdown. Your first attempt is wrong. Now you have 2 minutes to figure out the correct answer.."

John heart fell to the floor.

"Sherlock.." he whispered.

"I know! Just give me a minute to think!" Sherlock is now feeling the pressured.

"You have less than 2 minutes to do that!" John said in panic. "How about her house number, her.. her.."

"It's got to be more than that!" Sherlock now agitated.

"How do you know it's Molly related? What if it was something else?!" John shouted.

"Can you please be quiet and let me think!" Sherlock closed his eyes again

Molly, she has to be the key. What could be the password. The date of their first meeting, the day in Eurus's prison? More than that..

what is it? He unexpectedly wishes he paid more attention to Molly. Molly in his flat, holding Rosie. Wait, she's there.. almost every day..

What did she wants him to see? The only thing he can saw.

Sherlock opens his eyes. The countdown reach 45 seconds left.

"Sherlock.." John said as he rubbed his hands nervously.

"I think I know the answer." said Sherlock in reckoning.

John pull Sherlock hands before he types anything. "Are you sure?" he asked.

Sherlock didn't say anything. He lets go his hands from John grasps and begins to type.

As he finished typing, he stands up and wipes his face with both of his hands. As if he doesnt wants to see the result.

"..something you can't live without until it is really gone.." said Sherlock whisperedly.

"What?" John asked.

Sherlock looks at John. "Molly last word to me. At the evening before she left for the daycare with Rosie."

"Something you can't live without until it is really gone." Sherlock repeated. As he look the screen again to see what he typed.

"Oxygen. O2." Sherlock shows everyone the screen, 2 seconds before the time is up.

Then the flickering colours appears again in the white screen. Only now the colours slowly begins to form something, almost like a square with painting inside.

"What is that?" John asked quietly.

The painting become more and more clear as it is now form a picture.

"It's a video message." Craig shouted.

Sherlock and John come closer to the screen. It was a small box with a white triangle play button in the middle.

"Play it." Sherlock tells John. He then click the white triangle button.

"There's no date. We don't know if this is recent. Or.. recorded in the past." Craig said.

At first it was some kind of living room in the background, and then a person enters the frame. It was Molly.. holding Rosie.

"Sherlock, John..." Molly sitting in front of the camera. "..If you watch this, it means Rosie and I are not in London anymore." She glances to her behind and then she talks again.

"I don't have much time, so I just want to clarify a few things." she said now in a faster pace. "First, I'm not dead. I'm sorry I had to fooled you all.

Second, John.. I'm really sorry. have to took Rosie with me, I'll explain to you later.. but.. Mary asked me, if there is anything bad might came up, I have to take Rosie to safety first. Or else..

or else someone might want to used her as leverage over both of you. That is why I took her with me.

"And, Sherlock.. there is something I need to tell you.. She take a deep breath before she continued.

"Do you remember when Moriarty first met you? He was posing as my boyfriend, I came and show him off to you, and you said he was gay.." Molly now laughing at her memory in tears. As Sherlock now too.

"I date him a couple times. And there is this habit of him that annoyed me, like he always scratched his shoulder, smell his fingers and then rub his hair..

I didn't know why he did that, but I thought it was disgusting. And.. and a couple week ago, I was queuing in a mart, and I saw a man with the same habit, but..

but he's not Moriarty or his face and appearance is different. But it haunted me. And the next days I saw him again near my flat, while I was strolling with Rosie."

Now Sherlock and John can hear the fear in her voice.

".. so Mary, before she died she made me this plan. If something might danger Rosie, she gave me a plan to getaway. I can't tell you the detail here, there's other people involved.

I hope one day I can tell you." Molly said.

"..I shall tell you about where I am, so you can get us. Sherlock, John, just wait for it, okay. I'm sorry I have to go. I hope we meet again soon."

And the video just shut down immediately

John's computer screen is now back to his blog. Almost like the whole Molly's video message was a hallucination.

They were standing still for a while. Sherlock freezes in a amusement. "I was right. She is still alive." He finally said with blank eyes.

He then turns to John.

"John.." Sherlock said.

"Oh God, she's alive. Rosie is alive.. she's alright. My God.." John is sobbing loudly. All of his emotion and confusion finally being answered.

And now he can feels the relieve running through his veins.

Craig and Sherlock can only stand there watching him.

Sherlock releases a deep sigh.

It really is a long day.


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