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Chapter 9

SHERLOCK (season 5)

The Gentlemen and The Twisted Chapter 3

Sherlock stands up and peeks from a hole in a wall.

"What is going on?" John asked.

"I can't see anything." Sherlock said.

But then they hear a sound from down stairs. It was the sound of the front door being smashed.

"They try to going in." John enervated.

"The door must be broken now, they'll be in here any minute." Sherlock said, try to think his way out.

"I can't die like this. I need to know what happened to Rosie first." John frustratedly emotional.

Sherlock didn't reply. His eyes are glued to something strapped under a fallen chair. John quickly looks in the same direction and he realizes what Sherlock sees.

A grenade, also strapped with duck tapes, is there under the chair. Without saying anything, Sherlock grabs the grenade from under the chair and gives it to John.

"I think you have more experience throwing this than I do." Sherlock said.

"What about Mrs. Hudson?" John asked quickly.

"She either dead anyway if we don't do this." said Sherlock.

Right that moment, they heard the sound of the door being thrown down.

John waits until those men climbs up the stairs, and before they reach the door, John opens it and throw the grenade after pulling the trigger.

After the blast, the surroundings become quiet for a moment. Sherlock tries to stand up, but John stopped him.

"I'll still be laying down if I were you. It was a sting grenade, it's not lethal."

They lay down quietly as they trying to hear any noise. John opens the door that has cracked from the blast. And suddenly a man jumps from outside, attacks John down.

Sherlock tries to hit the man from behind with a chair, but the man so big it barely moves. The man keep chocking John down.

Sherlock is about to take the gun from his room, when the man suddenly collapsed.

John throw the man to the side as he sees the guy who save him. It was James, steadily holding a gun at the door. He shot the man down.

Sherlock and John are equally surprised to see him there.

"You guys alright?" James asked.

Everyone nods. And without warning, James flee the scene.

As Sherlock tries to gather his breath, he suddenly remembered. "Mrs. Hudson!" Sherlock shouted

He and John quickly run downstairs, searching for Mrs. Hudson.

"Mrs. Hudson!" John called.

They can't find her anywhere. All her belongings are either torn down or fell to the grown. Same mess as upstairs.

In the middle of their search, they heard a banging noise.

They look for the source of the sound. It was a crate laying down on the corner of the kitchen. It looks like it made out of wood, but the banging sounds more like a metal inside.

One of the cupboard fell above the crate, so anyone who's inside it can not open it. John And Sherlock quickly remove the cupboard and open the crate.

"Mrs. Hudson, thank God.." John quickly helped the old lady out from the crate. "Are you hurt?"

"Oh, this is much worst from the last time your sister blew the flat upstairs, Sherlock." Mrs. Hudson complaint.

Sherlock didn't say anything, he looks at the crate where Mrs. Hudson was hiding. Indeed it's not a usual crate.

The outside is fabricated with wooden ornament, but the inside is actually metal, like a huge safe box.

"Mrs. Hudson, where did you get this box?" Sherlock asked in serious voice.

"What? The chest? Oh, it was a gift from Molly. It was heavy like a tomb.. Molly joked it's good to hide my money or hide when there's.."

"Gunmen?" John asked in irony.

"Well, robber actually." Mrs Hudson said.

"Are you okay, we need to check upstairs." Sherlock said.

"For the love of God, just leave already." Mrs. Hudson answered.

Sherlock and John back upstair, to the brutal aftermath of the living room.

"You have insurance, right." John asked jokingly, as he sees everything is ruined.

Sherlock still standing observing the room.

"I guess that James guy is gone." John said. "We owe that lad a favor. Damn, he really came. Is Mycroft told him to check on us?" John keeps chatting.

"John, i need you to listen to me, and answer 2 of my question carefully." Sherlock said in serious tone.

"Wh.. what is it?" John answered confusedly.

"One. Did you put the gun and the grenade under there?" Sherlock asked.

"No. Off course not. Never seen it before."said John.

"Two." Sherlock continued. "How close are Mary and Molly?"

The last question throws John off.

"Wh? Umm, yeah they pretty close, not like best friends goes everywhere close, but.. Molly is Rosie's god mother. And we trust her with Rosie.." John said still confused.

"Mary.. Mary trust her with Rosie." Sherlock talked to himself.

"What on earth do you mean, Sherlock?" John asked. "Do you think Molly put the gun and the grenade in there?"

Their conversation is stop by the sound of sirens wailing. A minutes later, a bunch of police officer raid inside. Lestrade and Mycroft also there.

"Thank heavens you are alright." Mycroft said in joy when he sees his brother and John coming down stairs.

"Who.. what on earth happened?" Mycroft asked.

"The bus is gone." John said after checking outside.

"No bodies." Sherlock look around "Except the one upstairs."

Lestrade approach them. "Do you guys planned to destroy this place annually?" he asked try to make a joke. But no one is smiling.

"Ah, right sorry. One of the witness told me, a bus open fire to your house." Lestrade apologized.

"Yup, that's what happened. Don't know who though." John answered. "I think I sleep in my house tonight."

"Where's your new chatty subordinate? The blonde one?" Sherlock asked to Mycroft.

"Him? I sent him back to Lady Elizabeth Cornwell. His talkativeness makes me uneasy." Mycroft said.

"We don't know who did this and why. You might want to start from the body in my living room, Lestrade." Sherlock said again.

"Sure, you lads don't want to go to the hospital?" Lestrade offered.

"How about Mrs. Hudson then." John said.

"Mycroft, I really need you to tell me the details about Molly Hooper's dead." Sherlock said to his brother.

"Do you think this is all about her?" Mycroft asked in disbelieve.

"I don't know and that's why I need to .." suddenly Sherlock phone rings.

It was Craig. Sherlock quickly answers it.

"Sherlock, you lads alright? I saw on the news.." Craig said.

"Oh, yeah.. yeah. We're fine. " Sherlock answered.

"Good. Cause I think I know what's going on with your friend's blog. Do you guys wants to come here?"

"We'll be there in a minutes." Sherlock answered abruptly and the hangs up the call. "Come on, John. Craig founds some thing."

John lift his head. "What? Now?? Do you realized we just had bullets flying around above our head, 10 minutes ago!" protests John.

Sherlock take his coat from the remains of his flat, and see John as if something is wrong.

"Aren't you coming?" Sherlock asked.

John try to gathers the last energy in his body to stands up and exhaustedly walks towards Sherlock.

"If this turns out to be nothing I'm so going to murder you." John said quietly.

"Lets go then." Sherlock said.


One thing John admired about Craig is how simple the guy is. Here they are, in torn dirty trousers, shirt and coat painted with dust, but he still greet them as if there's nothing happened.

And he also can't believe how Sherlock nerves is still intact after what had happened to them a moment a go. Here he is ready for another adrenalin rides that excite his senses.

"Did you found anything?" Sherlock quickly asked.

"Ah yess.. about the glitch.." Craig looks at John waiting for him to joins. As he now sitting down in one of the chair.

"Coming.. don't mind me." John said trying to relax his muscles a bit.

"Well, about that glitch. Like I said before it's like a knock on the door. Imagine this, metaphoracally, the blog is your house. And there's a couple knock on your front door.

When you open the door, it turns out there's a fly flying around in front of you, with a message. So, in order for you to read that message you need to catch the fly.."

Sherlock and John try to follows Craig explanation.

"..when you realized there is a message, the first thing you need to do is to catch the fly, right. And that is what I've been trying to do." Craig explained.

"Sounds.. sounds like a hard thing to do." John commented.

"It took efforts. But.." Craig turns the laptop screen so it faces Sherlock and John now. "But I did it."

Sherlock and John looks at the screen in disbelieve. The screen is now clean white, in the middle there is two boxes with black frames and a beeping cursor.

Sherlock lift the laptop looking it cautiously.

"What is this.." his face still in amusement.

"When you catch the fly, well a fly is pretty small isn't it? So what they carry is also a small message. The problem is.."

"It was password protected." Sherlock said.

"Right. And here comes the bad news.. There's only two characters for the password and you only have 2 attempts to fill out the password.

If you failed to enter the correct one on the first attempt, you only have 2 minutes to input your last and correct one." Craig explained again.

John, now fascinated, joins Sherlock in front of the screen.

"Have you try it yet?" John asked to Craig.

"I couldn't dare. I think this is more on the Sherlock area." Craig said.

Sherlock looks at the screen still thinking.

"You can guess it right, the password. You did this before with The Woman.. when she gave you her phone." John said.

"This is.. different." Sherlock said slowly. Now John can't help to notices that Sherlock is actually nervous.

"It's only two characters password, it's easy right?" John said again.

"On the contrary, it's the hardest." Craig said again. "Don't let the lessen character numbers fooled you. The more character to guess, the more hints you have.

6 characters, could be birthday date, area code, name, etc. But two characters.. it could be anything! Initials, birthday dates, birthday month, birthday year, clothing size.."

"Okay, I get it." John said stopping Craig. Now he looks at his best friend again.

"You can do this, Sherlock. If anyone could guess the password it's you.." he tried to assured Sherlock.

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