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Chapter 16

SHERLOCK (season 5)


For a while there is silence, only the laughing sound of the guy who claimmed to be Moriarty can be heard.

John and Sherlock just stand there staring at Molly, who despite of her cunning and terrifying gestured, still hasn't speak anything.

Sherlock stares at her but in his head he rewinds the conversation he had with Hercule Poirot. We all have our own Nemesis, he said.

Did he just created his own Nemesis, the one standing right in front of him right now?

"Molly.." John said in a trembled voice. But Molly doesn't even glanced at him. Her main focus is Sherlock, and they stare at each other like there's no one else in the room.

"Ohh.. Godd, I'm so sorry." The Moriarty finally stopped laughing. Slowly he approaches Sherlock and John, then whispered.

"You people will learn the hard way of never played with a woman's heart."

He casually walks towards Molly. Hey, Moll.. uhh, do you need a crib for that? Yes? One crib coming right up." He pointed at Rosie who still asleep.

He takes out his phone and call someone. "Hey, bring me a crib. And 4 more guys in here."

In a second, one man brings a crib to the glass room and behind him there are 4 men with a gun following him.

"Now, Moll.. there's other people who can guard them. You can give me the gun now." he said. Molly hands him the gun without protesting.

"Now, come on, talk.." The Moriarty said like this is some kind of tea party. "I know you guys have a lot of question.. come on this is the part where you can still talk."

"Molly.." John now almost in tears. "Please, Molly. Just let Rosie go, you love her don't you.."

Molly still standing there quietly. She then looks at Moriarty. "Shall we begin now?"

"What? No chit chatty? That is dissapointing." Moriarty said, he gives a sign for his men to unload the two dead man Sherlock murdered before.

Molly herself is now turns her back, and arranging something in the operation table.

"You don't want to talk that is fine. But can you at least give an explanation why you did this." Sherlock suddenly talked.

Sherlock sighs, "Molly. If this is on me, then just let go of them. Let go my brother, John and Rosie. If you.. If you want revenge than just do it to me." He almost begged.

Molly doesn't reply, she takes a syringe and injects it to Mycroft's thigh. Mycroft instanly awakes and grasps his breath. It was adrenalin shot.

"Tied them up." Suddenly Molly spoke. The two guards there quickly tied Sherlock, John and Mycroft hands.

"Molly, please I beg you.." John said. "Cover their mouth too." Molly continued while still arranging something in the operation table.

The men follow so and after they put duck tape over their mouth. After that, they placed all of them kneeling across the operation table.

Molly now puts on a lab coat, just like the one she used to wear on the morgue. She examines all of his prisoner from a far.

"Put that one in the operation table." she said pointing at Sherlock. With that order, two of the guard carry Sherlock to the operation room.

They untied him just to bind his hands and legs to the operation table. John and Mycroft watch all this in desperation.

"Open his shirt." Molly orders again.

One of the man riped Sherlock shirt open.

Molly takes a scalpel and plays it in front of Sherlock. "Tell half your men to leave the room. There's too many people in here." she said to Moriarty.

"Just remember our agreement, don't kill the older Holmes. I still need him." Moriarty said.

Molly looks at John and Mycroft, and then she comes back to Sherlock.

"How does it feel to be so powerless.. unable to speaks all of your intelligent mind.." Molly said softly. She now runs the scalpel to Sherlock open chest.

"You want me to speak, so I shall speak. I just don't want to hear your noisy banter in return."

"You want to know what brings you here? You're a sociopath but not an idiot. I think you already now why. We just never face our issue head on, isn't it?"

Sherlock moves his arms and legs in hope to set himself free.

"You know, all those time at night in the morgue. I always wonder what will happen if I did it to life body.." Molly said with a robot tone and empty eyes.

She pushes the scalpel to Sherlock skin, making a straight line across his chest. Sherlock screams under the duck tape in agony. Mycroft, now all cry, try to shouts something.

John freezes in shock, his trembled hand, hurt knee, all comes back in a second.

"Does it hurt? Well, if this hurt you won't like what's coming." Molly said while circling the table

"There were time I thought I'm in love with you. All those years passed by. Trying to be noticed by your radar." Molly

"But love is merely an emotion. I don't want to be at the mercy of my emotions. I want to use them, to enjoy them, and to dominate them.."

With her last sentences, Sherlock suddenly stop struggling. He widen his eyes to look at Molly from the operation table. He continue following Molly movement with his eyes.

"But if I did loved you, and I thought of you as something precious, then.. some things are more precious because they don't last long." she continued.

Sherlock now silently lay on the table. Molly takes out a syringe and fill it with something from a tiny bottle. Molly circled the room again as if she's presenting something.

"If you understand what I mean, than you should know what to.. do!" At her last word she jammed the syringe into Moriarty's neck, quickly takes his gun and shot one of his guard.

As Moriarty and his one man falls to the ground, the last guard try to shoot her, but she hides behind the fallen guard body.

And without warning Sherlock arise from the operation table, quickly hits the guard's neck with a scalpel . His hands is free but, his legs still tied to the table.

Moriarty now lays on the ground, paralyzed, but his eyes moving around like crazy.

"What did you gave him?" Sherlock asked.

"A spider venom from the dessert. It will make you unable to move but not die." Molly said.

"I'm sorry I have to made it look real." she looks at a long line of blood in Sherlock chest.

Sherlock looks at his wound and he looks at her again. "That's alright. I think I deserve it."

They suddenly surprised by the sound of mumbling. It was Mycroft and John in their knee still tied up. They quickly set them free.

"What the heck is happening? Is she bad people or good people?!" John confusedly shouted.

"Always on the good side, I think." Sherlock answered. "Come on, helped me carry Mycroft."

Molly flips a switch and the door out the glass room is open.

The hallway is empty. But they assure there are guards outside the wall and in no time will realize what is going on. So they run to the opposite direction.

There's another door at the end of the hallway but it is locked.

"Shoot the handle!" John said.

The shot called out all the other guards attention. Before they leave, John block the doors with a metal cupboard. They continue running to what appears to be a garage.

"Check witch one has key on it!" Sherlock said, while he carry his brother.

"This one has a key!" Molly shout. It's a small box truck.

"It won't fit in the front, you guys must ride on the back." Molly opens the back door and help Sherlock carry Mycroft inside it.

After Molly locks the truck's back door she placed Rosie's crib next to the driver seat.

"You drive, John." She said. And John without question hops behind the wheel. Just when John about to turns on the engine, there's that familiar click again.

John sighs and close his eyes. "You have to stop doing that, Molly." John looks at Molly who is now pointing a gun at him.

"There are two people we love in this truck, John. If we both get away, Moriarty will never stop hunts them down again." Molly said.

"Molly.." John begged.

The sound of Moriarty guards approaching can be heard clearly now.

Sherlock who realizes they still not moving, takes a peek through a small window connecting the back of the truck and the driver seat.

"Go now, or nobody leave this place." Molly said again.

John in tears turn on the machine.

Realizing what happened, Sherlock bangs the wall of the truck.

"Noo! Stop it! Stop it, John!" He screams.

The truck slowly moves, and Molly take a last look of Sherlock from the window on the truck's back door.

The truck drives away in full speed, knocking down the garage's door. Inside the truck, Sherlock still banging the wall.

"Sherlock.." Mycroft calls out to his brother in weak voice, try to calms him down.

Molly hides on the side one of the car, waiting until the guards leave to chases down the truck.

Slowly she slips into the hallway and comes back to the glass room where they left Moriarty. One of the guard is there try to helps Moriarty, and when she's about to charges, she shoots him first..

She looks at Moriarty who still unable to moves his body due to the venom. She flips the switch locking the door from inside, and then she turns a handle next to the switch.

Now the room is slowly filled with gas.

Molly sits next to Moriarty who tries so hard to move his body. Molly just sits there, like she was finally resting after a long journey.


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