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Chapter 1


The second bell almost ring.

Rei standing in front of the classes with half of her bread still on her hands. Suddenly she doesnt feels like eating the rest of it.

Right now her focus remain on the guy sitting in front of her.

Hideo, sitting on the bench beside the flower bed, is her friend since elementary school. They grew up together and play together because their house was so close to each other.

And now even though Hideo's family moved away, they both enter the same high school and still remain friends. Or that what she thought will be..

She has been in love with Hideo ever since junior high. Although at that time she already satisfied just being next to Hideo all the time, now she begin to feels regrets creeping up her stomach.

Hideo know is in love with another girl.

".. so Rei, what do you think?" Hideo ask

"hmm.. about what?" Rei reply uncertainly while looking at her shoe.

Hideo rubbing his knuckle anxiously, "Do u think I should confess?" Hideo ask while looking at her straight in to her eyes.

Rei knows this time will come. Isn't it normal for high school boys to chase after the cutest girl in school.

And being the ace of soccer team, makes a lot of Hideo's friend giving him the courage that a girl like Asahi Reina will accept his confession.

And like the world filled with irony, the girl Hideo love has the similar name with her, Rei, but completely opposite in appearance, Reina is a cute girl with wavy hair, almost like a doll with long eyelashes. Everytime she smile all the guys will bow over her.

And there's her. Ogami Rei. Body as high as Hideo with almost no curve, more over in the chest area.

And even though she has a short hair, it still manages to get messy in a hot day, So more often she tied it up, but not all her hair will get tied up so in the end it looks like, by her own opinion, a hamster tail.

And now Hideo is waiting for her opinion. But to be honest she knows Hideo already made up his mind. He just need final encouragement from his friend, to boost his confidence.

It is after all, his first confession. If Rei does'nt agree with him, Hideo will endlessly ask why.

And what the answer to that why? What can she offered to the disagreeing? Tell him that she love him, and he should be with her instead?

The 'her' right now is in no condition to care for a smitten high school guy. Hideo will not be happy isn't it. And more importantly, there is a huge chance they will not be friends anymore.rr

The second bell ring. The last period will soon start.

"Ah, I should get back to class.." Rei said. She looks up to the still agitated Hideo.

"So, are you going to tell her after school is finish?" ask Rei calmly.

"ah.. eh.. today after school?" Hideo hesitated.

"Didn't u tell me you are going to do that? Rei said.

"Well yeah, but.." Hideo still heaitating.

"You've been telling me you are going to confess to her since forever. Wouldn't it be better if it's now? Since tomorrow will be the start of the summer break. If she said no to you, you will have time to get over it.." Rei argued.

Hideo laugh a little, "You're weird Rei. My friends tell me you are a modest quite girl. But you could actually think like that."

Rei look away while hiding her sad smile. Off course a modest quite girl is no match for a popular soccer ace.

"So, where are you going to confess?" Rei continued.

"Where huh? I guess behind the soccer field, a lot of people confessed there right?"

"How are you going to tell her to come?" Rei ask again.

Hideo look at Rei with a complete confussion. "I haven't think about it.."

"Here.." Rei handing a piece of paper and a pen. "Why don't you write her an invitation, and I will deliver it to her."

Hideo looking at Rei in amusement. "Really, you'll do that??"

Rei don't answered but smile. Maybe she already know Hideo will confess today, or she just don't want to hear it anymore, how cute and pretty Reina is every time she talks to Hideo.

Think of it as a goodbye present for Hideo from her.

"Ahh that's remind me.." Hideo said while writing a note for Reina. "Rei, what if we're not in the same class anymore in the 2nd grade?"

Rei take the note from Hideo's hand while still smiling. "But maybe you will be in the same class with Reina right?"

Before Hideo say anything, Rei turn her back and walk away. Hideo surprised by her sudden moves can only shout from a far. "Thanks a lot, Rei!"

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