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Part 1


There are times in your life, most definitely, that you wish either you are dead or another person is dead. Morrisey Lane looks at her face on the mirror while thinking about that.

Her wavy hair is painted black with a little brown highlights. Mascara is her main theme of make up, and dark lipstick is it's match. Gothic is her everyday make up.

Funny thing is, she doesn't even listen to any gothic bands or musician. She just like to presents herself as dark. Mostly because that's how her life has been since the dead of her father.

And secondly is to make her mom annoyed.

Her mom just win a lucky prize of her dead father's life insurance. So, she is basically living her dream life of drinking at party all night and make Morrisey's life a living hell by day.

She sighs before she grabs her bag and make way downstairs. She steps carefully in front of her mom's room so she won't wake her up.

Forget about healthy breakfast, there isn't any breakfast to begin with. Everytime she opens the fridge either it's empty or it's some unknown rotten things was there. And today is the same.

The biggest problem is she needs to asked her mom for money, or else she won't able to buy anything, including foods.

Morrisey looks around in the kitchen and she finds an old pop tarts. It's better than nothing.

There is another option of crashing on her friend's house, Elsa. Or go to her neighbor, the Sanderson, who probably could guess her living condition by now.

As Morrisey walks quietly go through the front door, the sounds of something fell surprised her.

It is her mom, still hasn't regains her full consciousness is now making her way downstairs.

"Hey, there little black bird.. where do you think you're going.." her mom slurred her words.

Morrisey looks at her mom in disgust. "Geez, what time do you get home last night?" the words just slipped into her mouth.

Her mom looks at her, trying to focus her sight. "Is that the way to talk to your mother? Huh? Huh..?!" in each question mark her mom slaps Morrisey in the head.

She then stops without feeling any regrets or guilt.

"Why isn't there any food?!" her mom screamed in front of the sink.

Morrisey still tries to composed herself, is standing straight now. "Give me some money and i'll buy you some food.." she said.

Her mom looks at Morrissey and then chuckles. "You're a good girl you know that, Morrisey. You should wear pink more often, therefore if we run out of money I can sell you to some creepy middle age man." Morrisey cautiously looks at her mother.

Prepares herself if she throw another punch. But the woman than grabs her purse and pull out her credit card. "Buy me foods that will last for a month." she said.

Then she wobbly walks to the couch and sleep again, face down.

Morrisey doesn't waste the opportunity, she shoves the credit card in her pocket. And then she take her mother wallet and takes a few dollars from it. Well it was worth the slaps, she thought.

She hop on her bike and rides to school.

Before she goes to school she stops by at her childhood's friend house a couple blocks away. Elsa Mary Callahan, is her friend since elementary school.

Ironically, although they grew up together, the way they carry themself now is different. Maybe because Elsa's life is the opposite of Morrisey's.

She's that all american natural blonde girl, who's father is some executive in some company and her mother is a writer who works at home.

She can goes to school driving her own car, but her dreamy boyfriend picks her up everyday instead. Yeah, they both grew up diferently together.

Still, Elsa is the only person she could talk to about her family situation.

And eventhough physically Elsa can be the ultimate mean girl, who has her own cliche group, she prefers hang around with Morissey.

The only thing that shows her reputation is her ultimate boyfriend, Dylan Royce. Dylan probably is made for Elsa, because if there is the male Elsa, it should be Dylan.

He's not the popular jocks, could be one if he wants to, but he joins the debate team instead. He hangs around with almost everybody, and everybody like him. He and Elsa are made for each other.

Morrisey used to come by to Elsa's house when she is desperately in needs for breakfast. Elsa's mom always welcome her and despite Morrisey's gothic look she doesn't complaint anything.

Once Morrisey brings up the topic and Elsa's mom jokingly said i think it's better for a girl like Elsa to has friend like Morrisey, so no guy would touch her easily.

In the end everything is about Elsa, but Morrisey didn't mind. Sometimes Elsa's mom gave her some money cause she knows how her mom is.

And she always seems wants to meddled in, but Morrisey always refused.

"You're late, Morri." A girl in white short and a pink top said to her. It was Elsa outside her house.

"Where's prince charming? He didn't pick you up?" Morrisey asked.

"He's on his way. Do you want something to eat?"

"Always." Morrisey answered. "Hey, can I third weel you guys to school today? He brings his truck right, I can put my bycicle on it."

"I'll go ask him."

"He won't say no to you." Morrisey said. "I promised I leave you guys alone after school."

"Why? You won't come to Alison's party?" Elsa seems dissapointed. "My mom said I can only go if you go too."

Morrisey chuckles. "She wants me to keep an eye on you, well on Dylan to be exact."

"Well, that is only half right, Morri. I want you to have a good time too." a middle aged woman with purple cardigan and a khaki trousers shows up in the kitchen.

She's Elsa's mom, whom Morrisey think is the embodiment of a fairy god mother. Always smile bright, kind to everybody and never cursed. Unlike her mom.

"Good morning, Mrs. Callahan." Morrisey greeted.

"Have you had breakfast?" she asked.

Morrisey shyly smiles, and shakes her head.

Mrs. Callahan looks at her sympatheticly, "I have cheese bagel and peanut butter sandwich. Which one do you want?"

"Mom, please tell Morrisey to come to Allison's party." asked Elsa to her mom.

"Is that so.. you're not coming?" Mrs. Callahan asked.

"I haven't decided yet.." Morrisey said.

"Well, if that is the deal, too bad for you Elsa." her mom said while putting both cheese bagel and peanut butter sandwich in front of Morrisey.

A blue truck stops in front of the Callahan's drive way. It was Dylan.

"Mornin, Mrs. C. Sorry I can't come in, we'll be late." Dylan shouts from his truck.

"Oh dear, here Morri, I'll just put this two on a paper bag. You eat that on the way." Said Mrs. Callahan while waving to Dylan.

"I'll go get my bag." said Elsa.

After Elsa left, Mrs Callahan slips 20 dollar into Morrisey hands.

"No, no.. Mrs. C, I couldn't.." Morrisey refused.

"Please, just take it Morrisey, it's the least I could do. I wish I could do more.."

"It's okay, Mrs.C. You've done a lot for me." Morrisey said.

And then Elsa come from upstair and kiss her mom in the cheek. They have this mother daughter gesture that they always did everytime they're going to part.

She touch her nose with his finger, touch Elsa's nose and then touch her own nose again. Elsa than do the same. Elsa said is like the words "I Love You" everytime they touch each other nose.

Morrisey remembered how she and her mom part way this morning. 2 slaps with an insult.

"Good bye, Mrs. C." Morrisey said. "Don't worry, I'll watch over Elsa at the party tonight."

She then brings her bycicle to Dylan's truck.

"Hey, can I put my bicyle in your truck? I promised Elsa will be at the party tonight." Morrisey said to Dylan

"Sure, Els already text me. Good morning, beautifull." said Dylan as Elsa arrives in the drive way.

Wow, Elsa gets 2 kisses in the morning, while she gets 2 slaps, its a fair world, Morrisey thinks.

But who cares, she has a credit card, 50 dollar from her mom purse and 20 dollar from Elsa's mom. The world seems fair after all.

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