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At the very beginning of the world, there were many creatures that roamed the planet, but the most intelligent by far were the ones who called themselves humans.

Out of the varying creatures, humans were in the minority. Only a couple thousand were living throughout the entire world at that moment.

Of all the humans, there were three in particular that far exceeded the rest. The first was an expert in using and making tools.

Thanks to him, he had advanced the humans several generations, inventing things like leather working, iron tools, and more. The second was the most athletic and strong out of all the humans.

She could run faster, throw farther, and lift heavier things than anyone. She would often spearhead any hunts or skirmishes that would occur.

Finally, the third was the smartest of anyone, or anything. Often times he would collaborate with the first human in order to invent various tools and objects.

He pursued knowledge above all things, watching for every opportunity to learn more.

He observed animal behavior, kept log of the weather and temperature, and even made notes of different reactions humans would give to differing things.

He kept a record of everything he learned and did his best to pass on any knowledge he could to anyone willing to learn. One day, these three humans were transported to an unknown land.

They had no idea as to how they got there, but this didn't faze them. The second human immediately secured the surroundings, being sure that they were out of immediate danger.

The first human began gathering materials in order to make any sort of tools he could. The third took notes of their new surroundings, going as far to compare the air they breathed.

He made the prediction that it was going to storm, and the second human lead the other two to a cave she had discovered while securing the area.

The first human used some flint and stones to make a torch so they could explore the cave. The three slowly made their way deeper into the cave.

It wasn't long until the group saw strange lights inside the cave. As they crept closer, the third human realized that the light was emanating from a cluster of crystals that littered the cave.

The first human extinguished the torch, seeing as they no longer had any need for it. Deeper into the cave, they came across a very large crystal in the center of a big circular room.

It almost looked man-made. The crystal seemed to glow brighter than the others. Almost like it was calling out to the group of three. Together, they approached it, looking very closely at it.

Suddenly there was a flash of light that blinded each of the humans, and each saw a vision.

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