Misfit stories

soccer111I am full of fire, I demand to be heard
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by soccer111

It first started when I was ten...the friends walked away...

I was left by myself...no one to talk to...no one to turn to...

six years later and I'm still stuck in this predicament

They think they're good friends, truth is friends aren't defined as people who stab you in the back, yell at you, pick constant fights, and tell you it's your fault u have no friends

I want out...I'm done...I'm so tired of people being fake...

I realised that:

This isn't Wonderland and I'm not Alice

This is reality...and it's a nightmare for a misfit like me

Everyone in this world is a fake, they pretend to care but hurt you and leave you in a million pieces, this is n't wonderland honey, time to wake up and accept you are misfit in this tragic world

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