A Lost Winter (Pt.1)
A Lost Winter (Pt.1) winter stories

snowywriter Another world to forget this one, write.
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This is perhaps the first part in a series I may or may not write. Please let me know if you think i should continue with this or not?

A Lost Winter (Pt.1)

I’d often find myself walking in these dreams, no such destination in mind but a calling.

I awake to find myself in somewhat of a snow blizzard, yet whilst all is lost around me,

whilst things may not seem clear it all feels so natural as if this is where I belong among the madness and chaos of this blizzard.

The tree are rustling, they tell the tale of true battle, where man are lost and wives are made to grieve.

Branches fall, just as snow each with a separate tale of loss, each revealing the devastation that this land has suffered yet devastation out of vengeance,

what impulse could lead to such destruction.

When I see this place in such hurt, it yearns, it cry’s for me.

Yet I have never seen such foreign land for some reason which is not yet clear I feel its pain, I feel an anger burn up in me which stiffens my whole body.

This energy rising throughout my veins, I finally cry out in anger and all disappears. The snow stops, the trees are at peace, the branches no longer seen.

It is as if the destruction was non existent, as if it was my voice that controls this unimaginable land.

Now I see clearly, the blizzard no longer impairing thy eyes. The beauty which was not seen is revealed, I am near a lake with some remnants of snow seen on the trees.

They create a peaceful atmosphere, this is where the lost become found, how this land is meant to be, in peace.

The snow is now beautiful, it brightens and changes the colours of each aspect of the environment, the trees beauty enhanced, the terrain no longer rough but soft.

My eyes are dazed at seeing such beauty, this land it makes itself familiar to me, yet I cannot recall once laying foot here.

I am drawn to this wooden lodge, has this been the home my heart has yearned for, ive never belonged but here it is as if I am its owner, its king,

the man who can change the seasons with the sound of his voice. I look down my feet becoming cold, the snow deciding to now play its role in forcing me to move.

I am about to walk towards this wooden lodge, which beams with radiant energy, warmth, warmth which comforts the heart despite the devastation I only experience minutes ago.

It as if this beauty removes all doubts, all hatred, reminds one of the lands that they are to explore when they decide to become curious.

This is where one goes to find adventure, this is where one goes to find a home, this is where one goes to find his place and his being.

I continue to stay in a perplexed state, as if a child in a confectionary store I see all that I have ever asked for in reality,

all I have ever desired it is as if this place is not a dream but a calling, as if a forgotten home.

I begin to walk, but I realise that there are footprints marked, but although they appear fresh, they appear permanent as if this journey to the lodge has been made by many before I.

I walk in a hurried manner, the cold not providing the warmth and radiant energy that I only seek from the lodge.

AS I approach the door, although unsure I knock, with a swift but ceremonial manner the door opens and I’m blinded by the energy which radiates from the house,

as my eyes adjust this figure appears. It is a female, she appears kind, her face beautiful and her eyes focused, her aura bursts with that of royalty and sweetness.

Is she a mother, she seems to loving to be anything else. She finally speaks with great joy and composure;

“You’re home”.

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