Dark Canvas
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That’s all there is: A dark and empty space that I can reach into

Dark Canvas

That’s all there is:

A dark and empty space that I can reach into

An invisible floor beneath me to support

But how I came here is a mystery left to my thoughts.

That’s when inks of faded periwinkle purple spiral into my sight.

With my hands I touch the ink and twirl the ink;

It spins around my arm and spaces out in the dark air

Suddenly another color of ink shoots through the air — a powdered yellow

Then there’s more: a sunset orange and a flamingo pink

And again I play around with them,

Twirling and twirling it

Until suddenly a picture fades out the darkness

And the picture washes over and embraces me.

I become a part of the picture I’ve created

A calming blue seeps from the sky and I make an ocean in this place

Alas, a masterpiece:

A cliche view of a sunset on the beach

With the waters dashing against the sand,

Wearing it down and bringing it back to where it came

The sun saying farewell in a fiery summer explosion of colors before nightfall

And I stand from afar,

Yards away from the tides

But still feeling the seafoams and bubbles welling up in me.

There’s a knocking in the sky:

The sound of a storm to come.

Shards of black ice break into the scenery

Black glass falling and destroying the sun, the ocean, the sand

And it just keeps falling until it all becomes black again

And then I open my eyes

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