Fairies are real !
Fairies are real ! fairy stories

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Emma finds an unconscious fairy on her window!What will she do?

Fairies are real !

Emma yawned.She had been working on an online project since hours.She was at first watching a Barbie movie when her best friend,Mia texted her asking about the project that was due tomorrow.

She had quickly settled in the study room(Yes,she had a study room!) and started doing her project.

Finally putting all the things in their respective places,she went upstairs when her(original) room was.She was about to open the door to her room when .....


She jumped.Where did that come from ?She looked around,no one was there.Thinking it was her imagination,she quickly opened the door and was about to lock it when she heard that noise again...


This time she decided to check inside the room.


She turned around and looked at her window .Then that she noticed ,It was raining.There was something sparkly outside.

Thinking that it may be some toy or wrapper .She opened the window.

Her mouth opened wide in shock.

Lying there unconscious was a little girl no more than a feet in height in a blue dress and shoes with crystal blue coloured wings and she was breathing for GOD'S SAKE!!!

Carefully picking upthe girl,Emma took her inside and put her in the large dollhouse she had received when she was just 5 .

She took a small blanket she had for her dolls and wrapped the girl up in it.

She herself sat beside the doll house started thinking about who she could be.

After some time,she was broken out of her thoughts by a small but audible groan.Looking at the girl ,Emma realised that she was starting to wake up.

She was right when she heard the girl say something,"W-Where a-am I?"Emma smiled at her and said,"I am Emma,You were outside the window of my room.What happened ?Are you alright?"

The girl smiled innocently and said,"My name is Avelina.I was flying around the forest when suddenly a storm started and my wings got wet.

I guess me being light weight didn't help so I by mistake flew over here ."

Emma then asked,"So,are you a fairy,Avelina?""Yeah,I am a fairy.My friends must be worried about me!I have to go home soon!"Avelina started panicking.

"Shhhh ,Calm down !My parents are down there .Rest for now,we will go to your house tomorrow,Avelina."Emma shushed her.

Avelina nodded and slept . Emma smiled seeing her new friend asleep.


Emma woke up next morning to an over-excited fairy yelling her name in her ear.Thank God her parents were at office during the morning.

After taking a bath and getting dressed,Emma waited for Avelina to finish her breakfast.She had already eaten before getting dressed and was now waiting for Avelina to do the same .

After Avelina drank some milk,they were good to go!

Emma told Avelina to sit in the picnic basket while the duo took Emma's bicycle and rode down the road.

Avelina told Emma that she came from the Mist forest,the forest was always covered in mist .That was the reason no one could find them yet!

Emma would be able to see through the forest since Avelina had given her the permission to .


Emma entered the forest with Avelina flying on her side.The forest was as normal as it could be.

Upon asking where were others and why was the forest so....so....normal.Avelina just smirked and said to wait and watch.

After 5 minutes,the forest changed rapidly and it looked so beautiful,Emma couldn't keep her mouth shut.

She gaped and the beautiful scener infront of her and snapped out of her thoughts when she heard Avelina snicker.

She glared at her and they moved forward.Emma followed Avelina through a passage.As soon as the passage ended,Emma couldn't believe what was in front of her.

Lots of homes made of flowe petals,leaves and stems.Small fairies running,playing and working.

A small pink blur suddenly tackled Avelina to the ground.It was another fairy,same as Avelina,But all the blue things were pink !

Avelina laughed,"Adelina!You can get off now!"

The now named Adelina nervously shrugged,"Hehehe,Sorry sis!I was so worried !Where were you ,who is this human ?Did she hurt you?"

As Adelina rambled,Emma looked at Avelina and raised an eyebrow .Avelina just shrugged in response.

"Um.....Excuse me but who are you?"Emma asked."I am Adelina, Avelina's younger sister!Who are you?"Adelina replied/asked.

"I am Emma,Avelina's friend.You two sure do look like sisters."Emma said.She looked at her watch and said,"Oh!Sorry Avelina and Adelina !My parents are about to come home,so I better go.

Bye!"She said and turned around but Avelina stopped her."You can visit anytime you want,Emma and I will visit you as well!""Yeah me too!"Adelina agreed.Emma smiled and nodded.

She went back through the passage,through the forest and then took the bicycle down the road,again to go home.

She reached home and saw that her parents were already there!

She went upstairs to her room and smiled thinking about her new fairy friends.She laid down on her back as she prepared to sleep .

'I will go to visit them tomorrow!' was her last thought before she drifted off to sleep.

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