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In midst of blazing summer I was sitting on concrete

Your House In My City

In midst of blazing summer

I was sitting on concrete

Rubbing my sweaty palms on my white pants

Tangling my legs

High as kite and joyful

I saw you coming

You have a house near mine

And a garden

In a city that sees you like no other

You author roses of vibrant hues

And give birth to lyrics of life

You; more gold and blue than the sun and the sky are

Kinder than trees

Sweet as ripe yellow apricots

And ripe red cherries

Joy shadow follows you in narrow alleys every afternoon

Maybe that's why you always wear sky blue and a smile

And your eyes are love poems

You've got flowers in your garden

They bloom during night time

In the moonbeam

When no one sees

You've got old records and old books

Sometimes you take your dinner on the roof

You drink wine

And listen to La Vie en Rose

You steal safe moments from hours of exhausting battle of try to live

I saw you;

And nothing else I saw

You were both bloom and weed

I loved both

I watered both

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