Love, don’t hate

Love, don’t hate sad stories

snorlaxin Lord have mercy
Autoplay OFF   •   9 months ago
It’d be nice if someone could relate

Love, don’t hate

I am confident

I am surrounded by people who love me Support me And cherish me

I am a fighter

I am happy

All that, is what I want to be

In reality, I am nothing but a scaredy cat. Scared of failure Scared of people’s hate Scared of letting people down

I might smile a lot, but deep down, my heart is torn. To others, it might seem like a minuscule issue A worthless thought to ponder on

I still tremble before entering the class I still think a lot before letting out a single word I still am a coward

I don’t want to give up, but I’m tired of fighting I wish I was not this weak I only wished to be loved So, please love, don’t hate

Oops, this turned out to be a little bit depressing. Hope you liked it tho

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