Bleeding tears
Bleeding tears wanderer stories

sneharc I flirt with words ;)
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Am I just a wanderer, who’s lost in the maze of mind?

Bleeding tears

Silent nights

Voices unheard

I could hear my soul screaming

But no one could could hear

Maybe that's what the beauty of silence is

You observe. You look into yourself

I tried shouting

But no one could hear

There was silence all around

And sheer darkness, more than I could ever bear

I was willing to spill my soul out

To anyone who possessed tranquility.

I left my own desires and passion

I tried running away from the light and glare

Seems like it wasn't of much help

Found myself standing at the edge of a cliff

And just another step could end it all

Everything appeared to be insignificant

And all I kept wondering was,

Is it in my hands anymore?

Or am I just a wanderer, who's lost in the maze of mind

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