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Do You Want To Really Know What's Going On In The World You Live In?
Want To Get An Idea Of Who Aren't Really Our Friends?
Or Do You Want To Know Their Hidden Agendas?

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Hey guys I'm SnazzyJazzy, be sure to follow me and check out my other content, I know this isn't exactly a story but it's closer to a story than a quote or poem![?

] I hope you enjoy reading this, please [?] and comment...

covid-19 isn't real, the mainstream media, govt and... basically most people you hear on TV are lying to you.

Corona virus is meant to have caused a global pandemic.

if you look up the meaning of pandemic, you'll be told it means 'all people', and when nobody knows anyone with the'virus'it clearly isn't a pandemic.

when fear is spread and people are being told by the brainwashing propaganda they see on the news and TV, that they will lose loved ones and could die, people will do stupid things,

things like wear a mask that restricts their breathing for something that kills less people than a flu.

ask yourself, did you ever wear a mask when the flu was killing hundreds of thousands annually. no you didn't. that's because the media didn't scare you in to doing so.

don't do as you're told just because the government says so. there's obviously a hidden agenda behind this. the most likely thing is probably a vaccine.

out of fear, people with take this vaccine because they have been brainwashed to do so. who knows what's in that untested vaccine. pure poison.

why would we let our freedom be taken from us from the people who put us on lockdown and stop us seeing families and friends, pump us full of vaccines,

force us to wear oxygen restricting masks and all sorts of other stupidity we're being told to do, for something that kills less people than a flu!

our lives are being ruined and put on hold for a mild virus that only kills old people with underlying health conditions, no different from the flu is it?

nobody ever wore a mask and stopped seeing their loved ones and lived in constant fear over the flu!

everyone is complying to this stupidity and don't take that vaccine.

live your life how you want it, not how your govt is telling you to.

remember to tell me your views on this... we need to spread the word and stop people living in fear for something that isn't even real. THERE ISNT A PANDEMIC.

Google bill gates vaccine, agenda 21 and event 201.

all the information on what is really going on is out there, just look for it,

most people choose to believe the mainstream media which is full of brainwashing propaganda and fear mongering fake information.


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