Warrior of Warriors: The Train Station
Warrior of Warriors: The Train Station cade stories

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The four characters embark on a journey to become great warriors... But first they have to start at the beginning. Meet Flute an enthusiastic, and determined boy, Meridan; a boy with a dark past, Cade a girl who may not be the best at things, but is heartwarming, and Kieran... who is... erm... suspicious of most of them.

Warrior of Warriors: The Train Station

~Flute Finn~

I got on the train toting my luggage behind with a bunch of good well being wishes from my mom. It’s was my first year of Warracademia. I had wanted to become a warrior because of my dad’s job.

I didn’t personally know anything about my dad but I was inspired to become like him! My mom had said that I shouldn’t be a warrior, and that I should instead stay at home on Sun Island.

Bang! I crashed into somebody and fell because I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going. “Watch it.” The person growled threateningly. “You wouldn’t want to… die.”

“Sorry! I wasn’t paying attention.” I brushed it off because I knew he was being figurative. “You’re going to Warracademia too,… right?”

“I don’t like idle talk. I’ll be going.”

“Could I try your yoyo?” He looked annoyed.

“You bump into a stranger and you ask to look at their stuff?”

“Yes! You could try my channeling gloves!”

“No. I’m going, I have business to attend to.” He scowled, and pushed back silver streaked hair, his blue eyes filled with malice.

“What’s your family business?” I asked curiously, standing up and brushing myself off.

“If I tell you- will you shut up and go away?”


“I’m a Zylar. Get it?”

“Assassin? That’s cool!”

~Meridan Zylar~

This boy was officially nuts. He was the only one who dared to keep talking after I told him to shut up the first time. And he thought it was cool that I was an assassin. He was an idiot.

But interestingly, he apparently thought now I was his friend. So now he had dragged me into a compartment with him. There were other people than the annoying green haired green eyed boy.

Like a brown haired and black eyed girl who looked like she was… eight? And a girl with blonde hair and brown eyes who was staring out the window.

As well as a plump boy with brown hair and brown eyes that looked friendly. “Want to play cards? I’m bored.” Says eight year old.

“After you introduce yourselves.” Said the other girl. “I’m Kieran Elise.”

“Okay! I’m Cade Towers. And I’m eleven, not eight!!!!”

“You’re not eight?” Asked the other boy. “My name’s Takisan Chester. Anyone want a soda?”

“I’m not eight!” roared Cade angrily.

The green haired kid spoke up. “I’m Flute Finn!”

“Flute?” I asked. “What type of name is that?”

“Mine!” He grinned.

“My name’s Meridan… Zylar.” Kieran fell out of her seat, as did Takisan, and Cade looked completely clueless.

“Get lost Black Moon’s kid.” Said Kieran, scowling at me as well as Flute.


“Let him stay- he’s my friend!” replied irritating Flute.

“Am not!”

“Are too! You told me what you were earlier!”

“I told you that so you’d go away! Not so you could get more interested in me!”

“Too!” He yanked me back in as I started to leave. “Play cards with us Meridan!”

“Fine, but only so you’ll shut up.”

“Hey, hey!” yelled Cade. “What’s a Black Moon?” All of our jaws dropped.

“Black Moon members serve their leader. He’s a dark warrior.” I yawned.

“Oh. Now I want to get out of here.”

We played cards anyways, due to Flute insisting everyone that stayed.

The card game resulted in, two silvers to Flute, one silver to me, negative two gold to Cade, zero gain or loss for Kieran, and a gold to Takisan. Takisan offered soda again and I accepted.

The rest of them said later. I downed my soda, not bothering to say I had recognized that it had mild laxative. (I was resistant to poison.

) “Hey, Takisan? Isn’t this out of date? It smells weird.” observed Flute.

Cade spat it out. “Yeah, now that I think about it, it tasted kind of odd, but I thought it was just me.” Kieran hadn’t drunk any, so she shrugged. I reached for another can.

“No. That’s a bad idea if the others think it’s out of date.” Warned Takisan, with a panicked expression.

“Why do you look like that?” I asked. You would think it was kind of obvious that he did something. “At least your poison doesn’t taste like anything.” I said, giving him a deadpan stare.

Takisan paled. He looked as if he had just seen a ghost.

“Hey, wasn’t that Dog Violet?” asked Flute. Takisan’s face dropped and it was twitching now. So… he was a very bad liar.


He smelled it? He smelled it?!?! It’s scentless! And he even knew what it was! That was bad news.

I had been trying to sabotage the rookies because I myself had failed the first year three times, and I arrived when I was fourteen.

On my first year! It had been disturbing that the other kid had drunk it knowing about the laxative I had added. And then he took a second one without having any issues at all.

And now all four of them were staring at me. I quickly evacuated out of the compartment to avoid getting caught.

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