Warrior of Warriors: The Third Day, and What is This Package?!
Warrior of Warriors: The Third Day, and What is This Package?! cade stories

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The next morning I woke up. At the right time finally, six twenty. Why does my mom have to be here? There was a soft knock on the door. Oh great. Was I even in presentable clothes? I’m pretty sure wearing a sweater wasn’t really the popular way to greet a guest. The door creaked open; and my mom stepped in. “Hi, Cade.

Warrior of Warriors: The Third Day, and What is This Package?!

The next morning I woke up. At the right time finally, six twenty. Why does my mom have to be here? There was a soft knock on the door. Oh great.

Was I even in presentable clothes? I’m pretty sure wearing a sweater wasn’t really the popular way to greet a guest. The door creaked open; and my mom stepped in. “Hi, Cade.

” She quietly closed the door behind her.

“What are you doing here?” I whispered quietly. That was perhaps a bit too snappy…

“Cade, I know life’s been hard for you; and I really want to try to support your dreams as much as possible. I know I wasn’t around during lots of times, so I’m here… to help you.

I heard about your harrowing adventures… and decided that if you can’t even tell me that… than I must have to get closer to your heart. I want to support you through schooling- if nothing else.

” The words were meant to be comforting; but instead they stung.

They reminded me, that I obviously was never around for my mom enough, and we weren’t really that close, despite the fact that I was her only daughter.

“I-I’m sorry for all that. But right now… well times are kind of hard. You know? My friends are…” I laughed bitterly… “One got unfriended apparently by another. One is sick, one- is no longer.

Another is just an acquaintance, and all of them are in the desert fighting monsters and all kick butt- while I’m sitting here. I never- ever do anything for them.

Mostly just a klutz… I appreciate the efforts… but really. I need to do something on my own. And frankly it’s kind of-”

“Embarrassing to have your mom around.” Hin finished. “But it’s necessary darling.” She kissed me on the cheek, and enveloped me in a hug.

“Now, since you finally have a break, why don’t we do something together? Like explore?” Explore? Did even my mom change?

Ever since Dad passed away, she wasn’t doing anything that had even a tiny risk.

“Um… I don’t explore?” I whispered, embarrassed.

“Well, we can change that. Although, I’m pretty sure, that you don’t want to walk around school?” I shrugged.

“Anything with you.” I chirped. I pecked her on the cheek, then grasped her hand, pulling her through the door.

She pulled me out of the room, spun me over her head, and danced nimbly down the stairs. “Woah! How’d you learn to dance like that?! And… I’m scared of heights!”

“With your dad Los.” She replied. “Now let’s hit the dance floor! Did you not know your mother was a free soul?” No. You just droop around the room normally. However I didn't say this out loud.

I laughed for real, hooting out loud, for the first time in forever. I felt we were two twin souls bonding. I spun her as if we were doing ballroom dancing.

Zushi walked past us, blinked; and rubbed his eyes.

“I must be seeing this!” He squealed and ran back upstairs.

“And that is…?” Hin asked.

“Oh. My friend Zushi.”

“I thought all of them were in the desert.”

“Um… most of them?” I answered. She giggled.

“Teasing you Cade. Haven’t you ever taken a joke- not seriously?” I tried to remember; but couldn’t find anything. I let her pull me into the dance. Left foot, right, right, twirl.

I felt like both of us must have been the same age. I heard a laugh.

“I’ll pretend Washi was seeing this.” Tann’s voice said. “And I don’t.” He walked past and to the kitchen. I was feeling awkward.

“Would you mind?!” I hissed to my mom, embarrassed, I pulled away. She sighed.

“Kids these days. When I was a kid, I was a free spirit, don’t let others make you feel nervous.”

“I know… but still.” I headed to the kitchen.

“Did you hear?! That Towel family is so weird!” Commented the rude seven year old.

“Or maybe you’re really blind. And it’s Towers.” I retorted pretending nothing had happened. Tann rolled his eyes and shook his head. I plopped down next to Rosabelle and Zushi.

“I’m sorry?” Tried Zushi. “I might have really weird dreams?” Rosabelle sighed, as if she totally knew what happened.

How do rumors spread so fast?! My mom was still trying to figure out what was going on, when all the kids gave her weird looks for trying to eat hamburgers.

“Okay… why can’t I eat one burger in peace?” She asked. It was my time to roll my eyes.

“Because adults don’t usually eat hamburgers in front of kids, and they are expecting you to eat something more formal in a more formal way, than that.” I pointed to her covered in ketchup hands.

“Yeah- your mom is odd.” Muttered Rosabelle. “Though I’m not trying to be rude.

” Washi somehow thought it was his birthday that he could get a grownup to listen to his martial art blabbering without rolling their eyes, and was quickly bonding with my mom.

Some of the students thought that she was a student and were all trying to ask for her first name. Like me, she was only five feet tall, when average was five four.

“Who is that?” Asked Nathan, scooting towards us on the bench. “She looks new.” My mom cleared her throat. “Am I supposed to know?” Asked Nathan confused. Andy and Melody joined him.

“Yeah you are. That’s her mom.” Snapped Melody. “My apologies Ms. Towers, Nathan knows about nothing about formalities.”

“Assuming you’re not just as bad at it. Ms. means unmarried, but she is clearly married.” muttered Andy. They began bickering over who was right.

“So how are you doing in school?” Questioned my mom.

“Fine… um…” I glanced at my grades online. “Teaching? A+?!?! Um… that is really weird. Potions… A- Hey that’s rude Mr. Harrison! Machaau Skysurfing B-- must have gone up from the C+...

Battle? B. Herbology? A+. History? D-. What?!?! Training? B+. Seriously Ms. Ross?”

My mom chuckled. “I meant how do you feel about your classes. But why exactly did you have a C+ and a D-?!?! Cade!!!”

“‘Cause my board whacks me in the face and because I uh- er… needed to go to the bathroom during a history lesson!” I improvised.

“Or… more like you fell to sleep.” Muttered Rosabelle.

“Rosabelle! What was that for!? You should know my mom’s a grade stickler!”

“Just jesting with you. I could care less about your grades if you feel good going to school. Just try to bring that up. Please?” She poked me teasingly on the shoulder.

“Mom. They use the word joking today. Jesting is so old!”

“Excuse me? I’m only thirty one!” Still old. “Besides, you’re supposed to go to class, right? With Ms. Nikos?” I sighed, discarded my lunch tray and headed to Battle Training.

I was paired up with Tann this time. My mom patted me on the shoulder and headed to ‘her’ own classroom.

“Planning to beat me?” Asked Tann. “Okay, let’s see your control first.”

“You’re not my tutor!” I protested. He gave me that ‘really’ look. “Okay, okay… Activation!” My Machaau buzzed on. Thirty… thirty… and a half… thirty one. He clapped, Rosabelle joined in.

Washi groaned. “What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“I just realized that… all four of you, Rosabelle, and Tann are better than me with this training business.” Tann said something in a comforting voice, but it didn't seem to convince him.

“Oy! I said, get to fighting!” Screeched Ms. Nikos. I sighed. Ready… set… go! I sprinted and jumped up high in the air, attacking Tann.

He activated his energy, sending me flying, my dueling swords falling beneath his feet.

“Nice try.

You improved but you’re still no-” Portal- come on… SWITCH!

A mere second before I crashed into the roof, I switched myself and the swords, grabbed the string and yanked them wrapping up Tann, but made him fall on top of me,

because I wasn’t paying attention. “Okay. That was good. I admit. But you should pay attention to your surroundings.

An amateur can win over you, with enough concentration, dedication, and presentation.”


“Those are the three founding elements of fighting and winning. If you concentrate on the idea of yourself winning and on all the tactics you worked on, you will use them.

It will improve your chance and add to your experience nicely. If you believe you can win, and try your hardest, you will win.

Dedicating yourself to something will give you so much more potential to do it. If you present yourself as unstoppable, you will be. It’s all in how you act, to how you win.

” The only problem is really; I can’t concentrate on anything. Oh- and I’m only halfway dedicated, I can’t be when my friends are doing most of the work.

Presentation? Oh please you have better chance of getting a clumsy elephant to fight. Of course I didn't want to say all this. Obviously Tann meant this to help, but it wasn’t gonna help me.

“Okay… that is good advice, but it doesn’t apply to me! I suck at concentrating, I am not really that dedicated, and I am so clumsy there isn’t any point to tell me to improve presentation!”

“You’re supposed to be fighting.” Rang out Ms. Nikos voice. I groaned; lessons would wait for later.

Back to study hall. I was still trying to dedicate myself to working out my concentration issues with my Machaau, but my presentation was still as messed up as an elephant’s.

Rosabelle says that it improved to thirty one point zero five. But that was a twentieth percent! I went back to being a dead zombie afterwards.

I still needed to research the monsters and get an antidote for the infection that had spread into Flute. Dong! Dong! Dong! Squeak! I scoothed my chair and looked at the door.

“Hello? Who’s there?”

“Package for a Miss Towers. Sent by ‘You Know Who.’ Seriously? What joke is this?! Kids should put their names on the package! Whatever, I got paid.

” The mail guy, who was probably just sixteen dropped off a package. “And tell whoever it is to stop being so persistent! The guy called every device back in Town.

I was told to ‘come right away!’ To a desert no less!” A desert? Did that mean that one of my friends completed their ‘mission?’ I picked up the package.

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