Warrior of Warriors: The Storm of Death
Warrior of Warriors: The Storm of Death cade stories

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Cade survives the fall and almost drowning in the water. However- they may just have another predicament on their hands. More of the creatures show up. In a group. What will be the result of the battle?

Warrior of Warriors: The Storm of Death

That was… shocking. “That means I saved you so stop your annoying whining already! Okay? This makes up for earlier- okay?”

“For the train. That’s it.”

“Wow- you’re certainly prickly.”

“You’re the one who was trying to give me laxative, burn me, kill us, and everything else you did!” Rosabelle nudged me.

“I don’t know what went on- but we have to move somewhere if you’re okay.” I glared at Takisan despite the ‘rescue’ which I’m sure was a fluke and he just got in the way or something.

“Okay you immature idiots- pay attention!” Yelled Vaclav.

“WHAT?!?!” I yelled Takisan joining in.

“We’re still pretty far from the coast- we’re in a desert. Plus, Odelle says she found something!”

“WHAT?!?!” We screamed a second time.

“We have a bit of trouble. There seems to be a storm. In the desert. When it’s sunny, and there’s wind nowhere else.” I raised an eyebrow.

“Or she’s blind!” I snapped. Odell was annoying and it didn't help that Vaclav thought I was an idiot.

“I. Am. Not. Please tell me why birds are flying in all other directions then! There’s a bunch of creepy deformed monsters heading our way-” Odell disappeared.

I didn't see any of the others either. What happened? {I felt a familiar burning feel of drowning again. Alone. No water- but I felt it.

What was going on? A man headed towards me, attempting to pull me up. Glasses. Brown hair. Black eyes.

Los; my father! What was he doing here?! Help me! I’m drowning here! I plummeted and saw him drowning… Flute… Meridan… Kieran… Akosh… what were they doing here? Rosabelle followed them.

She turned around glimpsing me falling and knocked me out. Eyes back open. The five of them throwing taunts. ‘Useless! Rosabelle was your replacement!’ From Flute- looking angry.

‘You didn't even reach us in time!’ Kieran snapped. ‘Yeah- some friend you were!’ Yelled Rosabelle. ‘You can’t do anything! You’re weak!’ Yelled Meridan.

‘You know, Flute would have rather used you as the punching bag!’ Sneered Akosh.

‘He even told us to abandon you!’} What the?

Wake up you useless person who calls herself Cade! Los already died! He can’t be dying again! Flute was one of my best friends! He wouldn’t ever say that!

Meridan- well… who cares about that freak? Rosabelle wouldn’t do that either! Kieran was my best friend and first one- so she wouldn’t give up on me! WAKE UP CADE!!! Slam!

Consciousness resumed. One of the freaky Mudzura things was floating above me. Punch! I slammed my fist into its head. From surprise- the thing staggered backwards. The others were… silent.

Sure they also had the things above them- but they were all unconscious. I had to do something! “Hey you useless Mudzura freak! Over here!” The thing angrily lunged at me.

Not too smart after all, huh? SWITCH. I switched with Rosabelle’s knife. The creature reared back, but it was too late. It impaled itself on the blade.

The rest of the ‘mudzuras’ turned towards me. How am I supposed to handle this?! One lunged toward me. I then realized something important. They didn't share the same ability.

Rather, the first one’s ability was adapting. The second one could make it seem like your worst fears were occuring.

Therefore, I had to do something other than the first time around! Come on! “Wake up Rosabelle!” I shook her by the shoulders.

“I’m going to die… Stop!”

“Wake up you cockroach! I have no time to deal with this! You’re alive! And yes- you are going to die if you don’t move!

” Her eyes shot open- just in time for the creature to be meer inches away. Slice! The sickening sound of blood spraying through the air- jolted me to senses.

The claws had pierced through my right shoulder bone and right through her heart. I hadn’t been quick enough.

This was totally my fault! I switched myself with the knife again and back- impaling the creature. But the deed was done. Rosabelle… was dead. Because of me.

The killers snatched up the bodies of their fellow monsters and ran- despite having an advantage.

“No! Not me! Not first! I don’t wanna perform!” Yelled Washi shooting straight upwards and conking his head on his knee. He stared at me as people began opening their eyes.

I was the only one who had been conscious...

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