Warrior of Warriors: The Replacement
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As Kieran's doubt grows, the group is forced to split up. While Cade is itching to tell Flute the truth, they have other problems at hand. Sonia takes the spot of Meridan, but what will happen to the group in the long run?

Warrior of Warriors: The Replacement

~Meridan Zylar~

I found that most of the townsfolk wouldn’t even open their doors, and I felt half tempted to ditch Auroglo, but Flute trusted me to bring her to safety.

I knocked sharply on a door, and waited. A white haired woman with blue eyes passed by the window and headed to the door. I stood by the door and waited. The door slowly creaked open.

“Hello?” The woman asked cautiously. I backed up from the door immediately, concealing my presence. It was a habit, from the job I had. Also, I wouldn’t admit it, but I was shy around strangers.

“Oh… It’s a baby girl… Who left her here?” She carefully picked up the infant wrapped a blanket around Auroglo, and then suddenly jerked back.

“Yellow eyes? So… this must one of the ‘different’ kids. Don’t worry… Auroglo? I’ll treat you as my own.” It was then I observed that Flute had left a note with the child.

~Zama Rala. Chiara~

The baby had startled me. Who would leave their child behind? I knew however. Someone who believed in ‘cursed children.

’ Kids such as these could supposedly bring entire nations down with a flick of their hand on accident. I was serious about taking care of the child though.

My real children had long ago moved away from home since I was nearing sixty five, and it would be nice to see a young face again. I fumbled with the note and slowly uncreased it.

Auroglo Moon; Dear kind sir, or madam; pleese take care of this girl and raise her as your own.

I’m unfortunate to say we can’t take care of her at this momment, and it is neccessarry for her to have a good life desspite that. P. S.

a perk in behavioor we noticed is that she will cry if you act stressed. Thank you for acsepting this child.

Did a kid write this? Spelling errors were all over! Such as pleese, neccessarry, desspite, acsepting, and behavioor. I gently closed the door and carried Auroglo upstairs.

~Cade Towers~

Meridan had arrived a good half hour ago, where in the world was Flute?! Meridan claimed he had gone to explore, but I was thinking more, like ditched Flute in the desert.

But I didn't say anything. “Hello? Anybody there?” Called out a voice. I stiffened; a blond haired, blue eyed girl walked around to the craft, hauling someone. Flute, by his arms.

“Well, can anyone help me with this guy? I can’t ditch him… well at least not now. Hello?! I’m not carrying Clarinet or whatever the weirdo’s name is everywhere.”

“What happened?!” I demanded running up to the girl. “Who are you?”

“Um…” She shifted her foot backward and looked guilty for some odd reason. “Uh- er- Flute? Came over to help me in a fight against the Wolfewings that stay around the outskirts.

And he kind of got me distracted… and injured… Okay… Maybe that was my fault. Anyways he went back to get something for me and wound up like this.

I’m Sonia Diamonde… And I might have been a little rude to him…” I noticed she walked with a shift in balance, as if her leg was injured.

Of course Flute would go recklessly help someone, I knew that. But how could he wind up so injured?

“Uh sit here.” I replied lamely. “Let me bandage your leg, and help my friend to recover.” She winced.

Probably since I had said friend, she thought that she was just contributing to the bad of the situation.

Kieran however thought something different quite clearly. “What EXACTLY happened over there Meridan?! Did you ditch him in the desert?”

“N-No!” Meridan yelled looking defensive. “I didn't do anything! The blockhead decided he wanted to go exploring! It’s not my fault if he jumps into fruitless fights with no thought!”

“You bastard!” Kieran shouted. “You probably did have to do something with it! Go away! Permanently! I’ll just tell him you’re a no good dirty sneak when he wakes up!”

“Kieran! That’s harsh! He probably didn't even do anything this time around. Why don’t you just he-”

“PROBABLY! Not ABSOLUTELY NOT! I won’t trust that lier for a second! What? Who are you siding with? For all I care both of you can go if you really ‘trust’ him so much!” Kieran screamed.

Dang it. Now she was losing her marbles.

“Fine. If you want me to go crazy useless paranoid nuisance, I will.

I hate you just as much for your information!” He stomped out, and threw his bracelet across the vehicle whacking Kieran in the face, and clattering to the ground.

She scowled and slammed the door in his face.

“Was that really necessary?” I asked carefully, to avoid her rage.

“Yeah. We are rid of a faulty chain link, that would have broke sooner or later.” She stared silently at the wall. I moved around the table and bent over Flute examining his injuries.

“Is it really good for me to be here?” Asked Sonia chewing on her lip.

“Sure. As a replacement.” Kieran sneered nastily. I couldn’t believe she looked so angry to me. Sonia looked over; startled, and nervously sat down at the end of the bench farthest from Kieran.

I was just getting to treat his leg, having bandaged the rest of him, when he awoke and bonked me in the head, with his head.

“Ow- ow- ow! Oops. Sorry Cade. My fault. It probably hurt.” He looked sheepishly at me. “Hey! Where’s Meridan? Still out?”

“The bastard ran away.” Lied Kieran. I opened my mouth to protest, but she silenced me with a devilish glare.

“Oh…” Flute looked down, with absolute sadness. “He left…” I couldn’t feel like breaking the poor guy’s heart, but the fact of Kieran in the room kept me from saying anything.

“I hope he found a better life out there.” I looked over at Kieran. She scowled and shook her head. I was angry at Kieran’s reacting, but there was no hope at bringing him back.

“This is… the bracelet I made him…” Flute fished up the bracelet from the floor. “It’s broken…” He began crying.

“Why would you be so upset over an airhead like that? Just grow up and move on. You can’t be attached to everyone. You when one person goes away; you’ll turn into a blubbering mess.

” Her words were harsh, but undoubtedly true.

“Because the bracelet broke, not only once, but twice.”

“What does that mean?” Asked Kieran quizzically.

“If the moon breaks; since it symbolizes him, on his own bracelet, means he lost faith in himself. If the star breaks on his bracelet, it means you don't have any faith in him anymore.

” He accused; whirling to Kieran. “The only two that haven’t broken were the sun and the planet. Mine and Cade’s.” Kieran’s eyes fell. “These have Machaau infusions. I got Mr.

Harriton to infuse it for me. When someone completely dies, their bracelet will lose their link.” So it meant a ton to him.

“Can I check out the wound now?” I questioned hoping to distract him from his growing sadness.

“No. It’s fine, really Cade. Thanks. Plus you’ll overwork yourself. I’m taking a walk. For the record thank you Sonia.”

“Yeah, whatever. Only because you’re so stupid to get messed up, I helped.” She said frantically. She obviously was shy about showing that she cared.

“Whatever the reason, thanks.” He looked her in the eyes and backed up, moving towards the exit.” Once he left all three of us stared at each other.

“It feels quiet.” Commented Sonia weakly. I frowned. “Okay!” She threw her hands up. “I give up! Let’s go to sleep and be happier tomorrow!” She said with false cheeriness; taking initiative.

“Yeah.” I commented quietly. “Let’s.” We all stared each other to sleep. I let my exhaustion take control and knocked out in less than five minutes.

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