Warrior of Warriors: No Nicknames!
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~Flute Finn~ Finally- my own mind. I have a headache- and ouch! My leg shot with pain and I stumbled. Oh great. Falling to the floor and- hands grabbed me by the shoulders.

Warrior of Warriors: No Nicknames!

~Flute Finn~

Finally- my own mind. I have a headache- and ouch! My leg shot with pain and I stumbled. Oh great. Falling to the floor and- hands grabbed me by the shoulders.

“Geez. You look like a zombie.” A sarcastic voice said in my ear. Meridan’s.

“And you look like a normal kid.” I whispered back weakly.

“Terrible therapy. Apparently some spells are supposed to make me normal. Which also gave me the incentive that I have to use weird flowery grandmother soap. I regret asking Tann for help.

” I sniffed. He did smell weirdly flowery. Lilac and roses? “So Sofia what should we do?”

“Is Sonia here or something?” I asked confused.

“No Ms. Jaden, I’m talking about- what in the freaking world am I talking about in a toddler’s voice?!” Roared Meridan.

“I swear I’m going to kill that fifteen year old! There is no such thing as dying too young!”

“Who’s Sofia Jaden?” I inquired.

“My old best friend.” He hissed between to teeth. “I wouldn’t have really been best friends with you- or killed so many if she was still alive. My mother killed her. When I was four.”

“So- best friends you do admit being huh?” He looked annoyed.

“Don’t push it… So now when you were off in la la land, we’re chasing an invasion off apparently.”

“Invasion?” I asked skeptically. My eyes blinked forty thousand times.

“Yes. Except for apparently people can not manage to send me progress letters.” He complained. Cade glared at him.

“I did! You probably weren’t there!”

“That was because we were chasing Flute- who in my opinion is more important than stopping the stupid invasion.” I glowed. I must have turned tomato red- but Meridan just looked annoyed at me.

Was he ever happy? Cade was about to complain, but sighed.

“Should we introduce you to Will who was trying to attempt to m-” Cade started. I had already raced off though. “Should we tell him for real?” Asked Cade.

“No way.” replied Meridan with an evil expression. I wondered what she was going to say. Oh well!

“And why would I want to know the creep, K?” A seemingly blind guy scowled looking my direction though he clearly had a blindfold. How did that work?

“And why would I want to know a cockroach, Will?!” Yelled Cade back. Who was she even talking about?

“I suppose that’s a fair point. Whatever. I’m William Russock. Everybody normal calls me Will or Mr. Russock, or apparently cockroach if they have interesting language.

Although I’m pretty sure K is not normal. Calling me son, means you’re my useless father.” The fifty year old snapped.

“So I’m assuming you are this ‘Flute’ that K kept ranting on about the last million stars of the only reason I’m her friend.

Just to tell you all your ‘friends’ keep calling you Fluke behind your back.” I shrug.

“Can I call you Will?”

“You’re younger than me! You should be calling me Mr. Russock!”

“It’s not like I do.” Retaliated Cade.

“You should be, K!”

“And you should be calling me ‘Cade.’ It’s not like I’ve even known you for that long.”

“William, then!”

“I said-”

“He’s not normal- he always calls people whatever- even if it’s at his own risk. It’s policy to call people by their first name apparently.”

“Fine. If you call me that in front of John though…”


“My dad.” I looked confusedly at him, didn't pay attention and fell back onto my face.

“Ouch!” Cade rolled her eyes.

“You better not turn out clumsier than me! I even gave you a crutch for that leg.”

“By the way you three- we’re eating breakfast soon! Hamburgers- or tofu burgers for those vegetarians.”

“I hate tofu!” Whined Sonia from across the camp. “And ham! And what in the world is a burger!?” I was equally confused.

“A what- a what- or a what?” I asked. “Ham I know- tofu I know- what is a burrgrr?!”

“Bur-ger.” Enunciated Tann.

“Burn jer?” Asked Meridan.

“B-U-R-G-E-R! It’s basically composed of a bun, and usually lettuce, tomatoes, sauce, cheese, and some type of meat. Usually. Unless you’re a vegetarian or you’re nuts not to like it.”

“I like it plain.” Supplied Lane. “You just love them.”

“I dislike having sauce.” Added Dollie. “So technically since the majority of us have something to complain about- you’re the one who’s nuts.”

“I’m lactose intolerant which nobody asked me before serving us pancakes and milk.” Inserted Nick. “Which means I can’t have the cheese.”

“This is disgusting!” Yelled Meridan’s younger sister? She ah? Shebah?

“Sheia’s right. I can’t stand anything but the ‘ketchup.’” Oh. Sheia.

“Can we act like civil people and not argue over burgers?!” Complained John.

“Do you mean- can we act like old geezers like you?!” retorted William. The only people laughing were me, Meridan, and Sheia.

Nick stood up. “Why are you guys laughing over such a thing?! That’s rude!”

“Because it’s funny, stupid.” Replied Meridan.

“Isn’t it supposed to make us laugh?” Asked Sheia. William shrugged.

“I was just meaning to insult the old man.”

“You’re just as old!” Complained Cade. “Not biologically but still!” He looked insulted.

“That guy’s at least twenty years older!” Cade stuck her tongue out- and only we began laughing again.

“What is so funny?!” Yelled William.

“That you can’t see the insult!” Cade replied.

“Yes, I sure can!” Angrily, he ripped off the blindfold, (saw?) the tongue and glowered.

“I can perfectly well see! I just don’t like showing this to everybody! Ow! Ow! Ow! My eyes!” He buried his head in his arm. “The sun is so bright!” What? I wondered.

I mean, how can his eyes hurt if he’s…? Oh. He isn’t blind. He just hates the color of his eyes. “Now can we go back to the geezer thing so you all stop staring at me?!?!” He demanded.

“Oh- okay. Because it was kind of a joking insult. It doesn’t really hurt people’s feelings.” I replied.

“It kind of does.” Insists John who was the butt of the joke.

“It is just like calling someone a dwarf because they are short, four eyed because they have glasses, or stupid because they are clumsy.”

“How come it all describes me?!” Yelled Cade with the realization she might be the butt of the joke now.

“Huh? I was just setting examples.” He replied absentmindedly.

“Yeah right!!! You old geezer! I now know why Will doesn’t like you! Cockroach!” William seemed glad to have someone on his side, while John’s eyebrow was slightly twitching at this insult.

Me getting distracted again- turn to William.

“You know William, you should keep that blindfold off. Besides- your features look better that way.” I advised.

“For the third time I told you not to call me that! And no I don’t! I look like those yellow eyed creeps!”

“What’s wrong with having yellow eyes?” I asked confused. He finally noticed I was genuinely confused.

“Yellow eyes symbolize death, war, and violence. Great power that can’t be controlled. Sickness, plagues, insanity- etc. Babies are tossed from this town every year because of that. Many perish.

Ten percent of the population has been reduced to monsters. My dad for example.

Contact with others he doesn’t know, or hates, without contact he attacks people and turns into a salivating creep. He’s been like that ever since contact with the 99 killers.

So I will kill them. For my revenge.”

“What- are you going to say that people can’t change out of their nature?” I snapped. “Like it is based on their birth?”

“Yes.” He replied stubbornly.

“So you would say a relative of a murderer would be a murderer too? That a previous murderer would be still a murderer?

That A relative of a hero would have to be a hero- and that a hero hasn’t done a single wrong?”

“Yes.” He repeated with a tang of annoyance.

“Then technically you’re saying that I’m a murderer- I’m a hero- and somehow murdering isn’t wrong?”

“What in the world are you talking about brat?!?!”

“Gosring- my father- killed some people- though he was only doing it heroically to protect those he loved… I know that I killed one person- and some animals- does that consider me

as perfect then?! Because I don’t think so!”

“What is that guy babbling?!” Complained William at Cade.

“He says you shouldn’t be a judgemental cockroach- get a life- and know that no one is perfect. I’m here to save people- not kill ‘things.’ And I agree.”

“I’m also here to repay a favor- and issue a truce.” John spoke up.

“I’m here to back up the green haired ball of stupidity that needs some brain cells.” Meridan supplied. Hey! Why did you say that I was stupid!?

“Me too.” Kieran said.

“I’m here to help Big Brother Snowy!” Sheia exclaimed.

“So I can call you Snowy?” I asked teasingly.

“No!” He turned bright red.

“I’m here to show how much I improved in front of my idol.” Nick informed.

“Which is who?” Everybody asked with clueless expressions.

“Flute… Inspired me to become better… Though this probably sounds dumb.”

“No it doesn’t!” I said supportedly.

“I was here to support Cade since everyone else was.” Said both Lane and Dollie at the same

“Yeah it does.” Sneered Will. Everybody looked at him. “What?”time.

“Jinx!” Yelled Lane.

“What is that childish thing?” Grumbled Dollie.

“It means you owe me a soda!” Lane exclaimed.

“Yeah right! It’s not like there is soda anywhere around here.” Dollie said sighing.

“And I’m here because I owe Flute a favor- just being an awkward tagalong this whole time.” Groaned Sonia. “And an apology for calling him Fluke. Although I will probably still call you that.

My full name is Sonia Diamonde.”

“Or Nunya.” I cracked- already forgiving her. I didn’t hold a grudge anyways.

“What does that mean?” Asked Cade.

“Nothing. Inside joke.” I lied.

“Yeah. Because it’s nunya business.” Snapped Sonia sarcastically.

“Oh I get it. The sarcastic cockroach was making fun of Flute again. Let me guess. He asked for your name of all simple things- and you told him that.”

“Pretty much. Why are you talking like you have a crush on him?”

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