Warrior of Warriors: Introduce Yourselves! Properly...
Warrior of Warriors: Introduce Yourselves! Properly... cade stories

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“What did you say?!?!” Both of them roared. The other geezer rolled his eyes. Nick looked annoyed. Lane sighed. Tann shrugged. The cage suddenly disappeared and I fell onto my face ungracefully. “Excuse me?!” I demanded. “Now you’re really going to get it!” I punched him upwards. He went flying. He began plummeting back down, then it slowed gradually and he landed perfectly fine.

Warrior of Warriors: Introduce Yourselves! Properly...

“What did you say?!?!” Both of them roared. The other geezer rolled his eyes. Nick looked annoyed. Lane sighed. Tann shrugged. The cage suddenly disappeared and I fell onto my face ungracefully.

“Excuse me?!” I demanded. “Now you’re really going to get it!” I punched him upwards. He went flying. He began plummeting back down, then it slowed gradually and he landed perfectly fine.

“What was that for brat?!?!”

“Why’d you drop me?!?!”

“I’m pretty sure you were the one trying to get out! Beside I lost my concentration because of this annoying hit happy girl! But there you go!” He locked me back in a cage.

Absolutely nobody helped. Cade was ever so nice, to stick her tongue out at me and the geezer. Brat. I refused to grovel for help. This led to me being confined until night.

Somebody finally let me out. I was pretty sure it was on accident again. The other old geezer was bothering him. Sonia looked eager. Apparently they were serving salad of all things.

“What is this terrible food?” I demanded. “It looks more like someone stuck together whatever they could find.”

“I did.” Replied Cade. “I don’t really know if it’s poisonous or not. I’m pretty sure poison items over here though will still poison you Mr. Mithridatism.” I stiffened.

“I’m not eating that!” I exclaimed annoyed. “I thought you were supposed to be a doctor!” Tann started coughing badly.

“Think I might have eaten some of that.” He hacked. Cade looked him over.

“I’m sure you’re fine.” She replied. Seriously. What type of doctor was she? Soon a lot of people began coughing. “Maybe it’s contagious…” She suggested.

She absolutely didn't do anything! Yeah- lot of help; even I thought it was stupid. Everyone began coughing again. I was pretty sure something was going on by this point. Sheia elbowed me.

“I think they are all in on something the two of us don’t know.” Sheia said, scowling. Finally it was evident they were laughing at us.

“Okay! Gag is over!” Tann exclaimed. “The food is perfectly fine. The girls just apparently wanted something vegetarian, and since you don’t get what a handshake is…” He clutched himself.

“I’m sorry.” I was getting more and more angry.

“Are you purposely excluding me?!” I demanded.

“Yeah! Don’t do that to Big Brother!” I really wished she would stop saying that. I don't view myself as family with anyone. I was an orphan mentally.

My parents abused me; and all of them killed my friends.

The real reason I didn't really want to become with Flute- or anyone- was because I didn't want to lose them once they made a place in my heart, but something would happen. I knew it.

Sooner or later I would lose another person, and then I wouldn’t survive. Nobody knew how shattered I was.They thought I was tough guy. I acted like the tough guy. It usually backfired.

But Flute was kind of different. He obviously didn't care if I took his life or not in the friendship. He just cared about me. It was the first time anyone had been so selfless.

But I was worried I would take his own dreams with my depression.

“Everyone raise hands that is actually trying to exclude him.” Cade suggested. Her hand raised half way up. I glowered.

Then I remembered in the past it would be past her normal height if she could help it. I wondered what made the change. The rest of the school kids raised their hands half way as well.

The younger old geezer raised his hand all the way. The older one had theirs completely down. Had they even heard what she had said? Sonia the brat’s hand shot all the way up. So ungrateful.

I saved her once and refrained from killing her twice already. Now she was confident because the old geezer number one could protect her. I narrowed my eyes at geezer two.

Why was he not trying to hate on me? Had he not seen what I did to people? I guessed I was those people who loved to be hated. Or maybe I just didn't know what love was.

“Now who wants to try to be nicer?” Cade asked. She raised her hand slowly, but it stayed up. Dollie and Lane’s hands shot up. Nick’s did as well. Tann raised his hand the quickest.

Sonia raised her hand slowly but without refrain. The younger geezer’s stayed down, but the older one raised his hand quickly and flashed me an apologetic look. I wondered what for; really.

Sheia looked ready to kill the younger geezer. What were their names anyways? Jerk and weirdo?

“What are your names?” I demanded. “And I better get them quick before I rip someone’s head off for imprisoning me!”

“Why do I want to tell a retard?” Snapped the first geezer.

“My name is John Russock. You can call me anything. I don’t believe I got your last name. My son’s name is Will, whether or not he wants me saying this. He may be a bit rude at times.

He doesn’t do well with people- especially not me; his own father.” Explained the second geezer.

“Okay. Fine John. Now tell your stupid son to stop calling me names.” I requested bitterly.

“Will stop calling people names. Meridan stop implying that others are lower than you.”

“You’re not my boss. I don’t even take orders from my family, or friends and you are neither.”

“Take suggestions from your relatives, elders, and people of equal respect.”

“Listen geezer. I may respect you for your quick recovery, but even if your son beat me once he won’t do it again. I don’t know anyone who is not human- and humans make mistakes.

A tiny slip will cost him his life.”

“I’m your elder. I should be of equal respect. He can beat you again. And about your comparison- about humans. Sure we are all human. And that includes you. You make mistakes as well.

And to be exact neither me nor my son are fully human; we are both partially creatures- in ability. You’re inhuman in body, as well in actions, heart, or thoughts. Your sister is the same.

None of the creatures are human in appearance, but some of them are in heart. Only robots don’t have any of those. Or puppets. Or pretenders.” I was furious.

How dare he call me a creature! But there was something that tugged at me. He was older. He was powerful. He was probably telling the truth. Will had overwhelmed me. I couldn’t believe it.

I was more powerful than a human. I did kill- and people don’t consider others human if they kill for fun. I cut everyone off. I had murdered more than my fair share of friends.

I thought only about power, respect, and winning. I always thought losers lost and never could be anything. But I know one person who can’t win against me. But still close in ability.

He technically lost. A lot. And more. And probably ninety nine percent of the time. But the one percent he won had left me speechless. His body was inhuman.

His senses were the top, and he could do a lot of things normal people can’t. His actions were too.

He threw himself into every obstacle, to prevent every single bad thing- even slight, from hurting his “friends.” His heart was inhuman. He cared for anyone and everyone.

Anything, and everything. No matter what happened. His thoughts were inhuman. He thought everyone was his friend and always his friend. He forgave in less than a second.

But I was more inhuman than him by far. I had thought he had been great out of pure luck and stupidity. I thought it was just idiocy that got him stabbed.

Just innocence that made him forgive over and over. Just blindness that made him think we were friends.

But what exactly was John trying to say? That I was either a liar or a human? That I was both? That I was whatever I define myself as? I decided what I wanted to say. “Fine. I’m a monster.

If that's what you were implying. I’m strong, when I’m being manipulated. I’m weak when I’m free. There is one thing you’re missing though. What I think of myself.

What makes you a true monster? Do all of you think I’m really a monster?!” I cried out. I practically was welling up with tears despite not wanting to.

Cade sighed and rolled her eyes in a huge circle.

“Yeah- maybe I think you’re a total cockroach- and you’ve only gotten worse since. No objections against that question.”

“Cadence Towers! That is impolite!” Yelled Dollie.

“Okay. I was lying. You’re not a total monster. You have refrain. And you aren’t bloodthirsty. Other than that, I would have to be total f-mode to say that you are a saint.” Cade corrected.

“What’s f-mode?” questioned Nick.

“I agree with you… now.” Dollie sighed.

“I agree with whatever Doll says.” Lane backed.


“Doll? You really are pitiful.” Will scoffed. “And yeah Meridian. I think you’re a total monster.”

“You are not a monster.” Supported Tann.

“Kid. I know actual monsters. Don’t give me that made up stupidity. You’re human, you can continue being human. I was messing with you earlier so you would realise that you can change.

” John remarked.

“You’re not big brother!” Sheia interjected.

“Seeing how you didn't kill Fluke yet; you aren’t. I would have.” Sonia admitted.

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