Uchiya City Superheroes~Chapter 2
Uchiya City Superheroes~Chapter 2 super hero stories

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Noriko Yamachi investigates the murder of Mayor Tsunoda, and comes down to a conclusion that the real culprit must lie among them.

Uchiya City Superheroes~Chapter 2

Minor Warning: Violence is in most chapters of this series. If you haven't read the first two chapters go back and look at them or you might have no clue what is going on.

Chapter 2~Noriko Yamachi~Hero name: AlterWorld

"Kimura-kun is ignoring me. Help me get his attention, AlterWorld!!" Shohei whined. I ignored him, staring distantly off into the crowd. I don't see the member from the Uchiya Police Force.

Did we get here too early?

"Hello, you must be the heroes, Sketch, Lifeguard, AlterWorld, and Chance." A young woman rattled off. Her mocha colored hair dangled in front of her eyes. I'm Mika Inoue.

Qualified for the Uchiya Force at age 13." She pointed out. "It's good that Timestop canceled out. I needed to talk without him here anyways.

" Didn't we just see Timestop? My mind clouded, as my brain couldn't cancel out the possibility that something bad had happened to him. Whatever.

It does no good worrying over a simple thing right now.

"I have a film that you might want to see." She snapped her fingers, and a screen popped up. "This is the edited film." I squinted at the flashing images. Storm stabbed the mayor over and over.

The mayor lunged back at him, hand fastened around a blade. "This has become a leading point to all the villains around Uchiya. It needs to be taken down. But the truth is scarier.

" She snapped again, and the beginning of the video started out pretty much the same. She zoomed in on the figure stabbing the mayor. Instead of Storm, it was Timestop.

Huh? Isn't he on the mayor's side? "We can also note, that not Timestop, but Storm edited this film, to potentially either frame Timestop, or because they were allied.

Given how Timestop has not testified for the night, it is likelier they are allied. A hero is on the villain's side. This will prove to be terrible for our society, if anyone found out.

So therefore, for now we will blame this murder on Storm. I'm going to request that you put in a word for me at your Kurou. I need to go undercover and investigate this potential anarchist.

In the meantime, you will be trying to observe him when I can't be around. Get it?"

"He's touchy about his identity." Shohei randomly chipped in. "He was also all bruised up earlier. He didn't cancel. I think he might've ran off the second we arrived."

"Huh?" Inoue jerked back. "Then we need to find him right away! He could have recognized me as a witness!" She ground her teeth. "Chance!" Inoue dashed off into the station.

"Fine." Shohei groaned.

"What is the chance that Timestop is in the North Station? What is the chance that Timestop is in the East Station? What is the chance that Timestop has escaped the station?

What is the chance that Timestop is in the South Station? What is the chance that Timestop is in the West Station?" He paled.

"What, are you now going to admit that your power isn't helpful whatsoever?" I spat.

"There must be some area of the station we don't know abou! Either that, or someone is interfering with my power!

The chance that he is in any part of the station that I mentioned, or has escaped it is zero percent. We could be dealing with a phony, but that chance of that is low." Shohei protested.

"Well, for right now, let's just spread out and look. I'll check throughout the West Station since we're already here." Kazemori vouched. "Yoshiro-kun, check out the outside.

AlterWorld, halt the train. If he's on it, we can't let him go anywhere. Kichiro-kun, check by with any of the passengers. Someone must have seen him."

"Okay. What if-"

"A bomb threat warning has been anonymously supplied to the Uchiya Police!" I heard Inoue's voice ring out.

"It is destined to go off in half an hour! We need a station evacuation!" Did Timestop plan this to get out?! Oh no. I don't think I can stop this, but at least I have to try!

Chapter Recap:

Noriko Yamachi or AlterWorld and her comrades meet up with the Librarian, or Mika Inoue, a researcher for the Uchiya Police Department who suspects Timestop of murdering the mayor,

and being Storm's ally. After they lose Timestop in the crowd, a notice for a bomb threat goes off.

Further Explanation: (Possible Spoilers!)

There is obviously a misunderstanding in tow. Timestop was fighting AGAINST Storm the night of the murder, trying to get them to give up the tape.

Also, Timestop ran off because of his brother's death, not because he set up a bomb. So who murdered Mayor Tsunoda?

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