Uchiya City Superheroes~ Chapter 5
Uchiya City Superheroes~ Chapter 5 mystery stories

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An upcoming match! Sketch and Lifeguard are pitted against Shield and the Librarian. Who will win, when conflicts from within?

Uchiya City Superheroes~ Chapter 5

Minor Warning: Violence is present in almost all chapters of this series. You may want to read the first chapter first if you haven't already.

Chapter 5~Kichiro Kimura~Hero name: Sketch~Kurou Academy, first period

"The first match is...Lifeguard, and Sketch against the Librarian, and Shield!" So that's that's Neiko's hero name...

Given how Inoue's power isn't dedicated to combat, this should be fairly easy.

Lifeguard is supposed to be pretty good a fighting, so if I need any help, I'm sure I could rely on him as a backup. The rest of the crowd cleared out to the stands.

"This is such obviously a match going to Lifeguard and his partner. I don't know why we even bother to host this." A boy with caramel colored hair remarked.

He must be part of the senior class here. Isn't he Lock On? Did his field assignment end?

"No, they have a chance!" A black haired female burst in. "Fighting isn't only about your superpowers, right?"

"But society is." Lock On countered. "Most people train heroes accordingly.

People with weaker powers, normally would lose against those stronger, who have all the time and money invested in them.

Lifeguard is sponsored by several large corporations, however we haven't even heard of people like Librarian, Shield, or Sketch.

Their powers are probably fairly miniscule not to be scouted by any of the higher ups yet."

I turned my attention back to the match. Lifeguard gave me a clap on the shoulder. "Good luck." He told me, smiling, and then pulling his mask on.

I followed fashion, putting on the swirl patterned mask that I had designed.

"I'm sure you all know the instructions," The black haired teacher started, holding up his clipboard. "-But just in case one of you didn't listen to me, such as Tanasuke-san-"

"Oops..." Neiko muttered, pulling his blank mask down in embarrassment. "Sorry Inaba-sensei."

"and keep interrupting me-" Neiko glanced down at the reflective gymnasium floor. "-once a hero's mask is tipped off, or they exceed the boundary line, they are out of the running.

The longer you stay in, the better you might, your power magnitude, and how you use it, are all factors to determining your grade. The winning team, will obviously receive the higher percentage."

"Go other team!" The black haired girl cheered our opponents. "Also, go Blue Mask's team!" She doesn't know any of our names? Beside myself, I let out a barely noticeable sigh.

"Starting in 3...2..." Neiko faceplanted. "1." Inaba grimaced, but spared the earlier humiliation to the already injured hero. Neiko got back up, running towards us, some objects in his hands.

I quickly sketched down a knife from my sketchbook, and materialized it in my hands. He demonstrated a slash. I don't see anything. Is he just preparing? Suddenly, a wave of air gusted over me.

Or more like slammed into me.

"Li-Lifeguard! Can you-" WHOMP! All the breath I had been holding in my lungs flooded out, and I took in an unplanned swig of stale carbon dioxide from what I had already emitted.

I felt my back crunch against the gym wall and crack against the pole of the basketball hoop on our side of the court.

Lifeguard planted his feet correctly against the brick and jumped off suddenly. A wave of water collected in his palm building up into a miniature tsunami.

I had barely enough time to dodge this one, clutching desperately at my art supplies to keep them from being ruined. SPLOOSH! My sketchpad disappeared into the water.

Well, there goes my plans...

at least I have my- WOOSH!

Without warning, another burst of water swallowed up my materials, but still didn't nearly make it up to the point on the hoop that both Mika, and Neiko were hanging onto by their fingertips.

"Oops." The brown haired boy smirked at me. Finally, did it occur to me, that he had been sabotaging my efforts on purpose.

Good luck? He's giving me the opposite! Does he really think it's so funny to mess with me, and not care about his grade at all?

Actually, probably given Inaba's bias against people with weaker powers, he will probably get just as good of a grade anyways. And I thought he was supposed to be nice!

Well, Life'guard' on my side or not, I'll have to beat the other team. I could use the actual knife I have, to... wait... That's not a good idea. I'm deluding myself.

But what if it is? I've never tried something like that before.

Here goes nothing! I ripped into the flesh of my palm with the tip of the knife, drawing a rough outline of a revolver, and wincing all the way.

For all I knew, my plan could be a failure, and I'd be left with a painful and hideous scar for nothing. "C'mon... please work!" I encouraged myself.

Blood dripped from my hand, splashing and dissipating into the once gray water, now turning it somewhat pink. Slowly, but amazingly, the real thing began to form.

As I looked above, both of the other team were discussing plans on how to most diligently win against us. I gazed back down again at a fully completed revolver, glinting with black at the ends.

I need to fight before the revolver disappears again.

I pulled the gun to my forehead level, ready to fire. Since it was a practice match, I had tried equipping it with tranquilizer darts, but they would be harder to aim.

As if on cue, Neiko bounded down, snapping into gear. Another air pulse washed over my shoulders, but this time, it was lighter and I was able to stand my ground.

Is he going easy on me, or can he not control his power? If he can't, it might be to my advantage. I locked in the gun, and then gently squeezed the trigger.

BANG! A loud shot escaped the barrel, and it rocketed towards Neiko. Though it caught him by obvious surprise, the first dart bounced off an invisible shield.

"SHIELD! Sketch's power isn't that resilient to water! If you can splash some on the weapon he's using, you could be able to knock his mask off!" The barrel's slowly hardening.

It could be a result of the iron I'm using from my blood. If I can evade him long enough, I'll be able to actually use this to fight in physical combat.

Librarian's ability allows her to analyze my ability too fast; if this one breaks, I don't think I can make another weapon that is as effective!

Shield's barrier flashed slightly, but it was enough for my eyes to pick up a change.

I think I can get him now! Plus the water is draining, so I have a chance! "Look out, Kichiro-san!" Shield suddenly blurted, I turned around at the last moment, as water crashed over my head.

The gun drooped with heaviness from water particles.

"Go now!" Mika demanded.

"Bu-! Okay then..." Neiko surrendered. I had barely any time to process it as the gun was sliced in half, red splattered all over the floor.

I felt it, as my mask smoothly slid up, and off my hair. "Sorry, Kimura-san. Game over.

" Instead of anger towards him, who had at least warned me, humiliation, fury, and hate welled up inside my core for the other boy in the room.

How can he? What a jerk! I thought Lifeguard was a good guy, so why is he like this in real life?

"Good game, Mika-chan, Neiko-kun, you both did well! Unlike Kimura-kun..." His voice dripped patronizingly, as he gave off a disdainful expression.

"You can't even use your power, and you don't stand a chance of being a hero, despite your age, and potential experience you have received over your pitiful lifetime.

You better just, I don't know, give up?" He laughed, flipping his mask off onto the linoleum floor. "I would give that performance a solid C-, though I'm sure Inaba-sensei would give you a-"

"F. That was pathetic. You can't even keep up with your partner. You'd be useless in a real fight." Inaba cut in, just as quickly as Kenzo had jumped to critique me.

"Lifeguard will receive an A+..." What?! That's not fair! "Librarian a B... and Shield a A- for his excessive talking, and lackluster performance."

"I think..." I muttered. "I will just quit being a hero." I tossed my mask across the room, and proceeded for the door.

Chapter Rewrap:

Lifeguard, and Sketch are supposed to fight 'Shield' (Neiko) and the Librarian.

However, repeatedly Lifeguard sabotages Sketch's efforts to fight, to the point where Sketch is forced to use his own blood as ink to create a weapon.

Sketch was about to beat Neiko, except Lifeguard ruined his weapon, and the Librarian pushed Neiko to finish Sketch off, despite the unfairness.

After being ridiculed by both his teacher, and his classmate, Sketch vows to quit being a hero.

However, the hero AlterWorld tells Sketch that she believes in him, and that she needs him in the force.

Sketch takes her words to heart, and continues the classes, but leaves to take a rest from the events of the day.

Inaba-sensei: Their first period teacher of combat. Biased entirely towards those who have great powers, and are already loved by the masses.

Discriminated people with no power, weak power, or 'ridiculous' fantasies.

Sketch: Kimura's power works in the following way: he must use a medium and a surface to make a drawing of whatever he wants to come into reality.

He must know what it is, and it can't be soaked, burned, or cut during the beginning stages. He can make as many out of one drawing as he needs.

Librarian: Mika just needs to know a few details about someone, and she can access any public record that exists about them,

leading to huge amounts of information that can be processed and sorted in meer seconds.

Neiko: While he can manipulate time, he doesn't know how much he can do, or how to control it, while potentially a very strong power, the way he applies it often makes it useless.

Lifeguard: Infinite production and control over water.

*Some heroes have multiple powers that others just haven't discovered yet.

Absolute Spoilers:

Q: How is Neiko so well known, if he is terrible at controlling his power?

A: That power was maintained through a drug, that Hachido also possessed. Hachido used to be 'Timestop'.

Q: Does this mean that he is responsible for Tsunoda's murder?

A: ...Does it? Or is it an imposter?

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