Uchiya City Superheroes~ Chapter 3/4
Uchiya City Superheroes~ Chapter 3/4 mystery stories

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Neiko Tanasuke, discovers the source of the bomb, and attempts to call for help. Meanwhile, he meets conflict with the citizen Saitou, and the own limits of himself.

Uchiya City Superheroes~ Chapter 3/4

Minor Warning: Violence is present in most of the series installments. If you have not read the first chapter, go back and read it so this makes sense.

Chapter 3~Neiko Tanasuke~Hero name: Timestop~The bomb threat failed to announce in South Station

I sat on a bench in the south station, sweat dripping down my face into a pool next to the mask on my lap. Who's bag is this? It seems like someone left this behind...

I could check their phone. "Hey! What are you doing with my bag?!" Demanded a voice. I swiveled to see a boy about senior year with jet black hair curling around his dark brown eyes.

It's his? I scanned the name on the homescreen. Nohaku. Stylistic green hearts enrobed the casing.

It doesn't look like his! Hey, my only bro Shin-kun! I might have or not have checked on that thing we were supposed to deliver in West Station.

Can you go check? Here's a map, if you really need it. The map shows... here... Right next to the tracks. This is starting to disturb me.

Timer: 0:55, Ready to make some people go 'BOOM'? I lied about the time and whatnot to that stupid cop! ?! Is it possible whoever Nohaku is stationed a bomb in the station?

"What's your name, then?" I demanded, hand still on the bag, as I started strolling towards the source of the warning.

"Saitou! It's my sister's bag!" He snapped, swiping at it with his hand. "Give it back to me!" I don't know where the bomb is, but it's definitely not this guy's property.

He won't be of any use to the investigation...

"I don't believe you, Saitou. Please get out of here before I call the cops."

"I should call the cops! What baloney is this?!" He hitched something from his pocket into his hand. "Okay, you're going to give me that, before I slice your godforsaken neck off.

" He hissed, pointing the sharp knife at me.

"One, two-" I can't get past him to the bomb! I need to shut him out well I get the other heroes over here! I dashed towards the door with the bag, as I ducked under a wild swing.

His knife clattered to the floor. I wasted no time in preparation and sprinted out of the door, slamming it closed. CHK-CHK! Saitou jangled the door handle, trying to force it open.

Timer: 0:06 Huh? Shouldn't it be at 0:50? Is this in seconds?! Ugh... my head is spinning again. I think I might pass out... HELP! I reached up to a scruff of fabric.

The person began walking away. Shreads of paper fluttered off the tip of my nose. A hero form for Kurou Academy... If you're a hero, help me! Timer: 0:02 I'm really useless.

"Open up! You can't seriously lock me out?! I hear ticking!! Isn't there a bomb scheduled to go off in 24 minutes?!" My eyes widened as I saw the screen. 0:00.


I heard a loud explosion, glass shattered, chunks of misshapen concrete flew,

and then I watched in transfixed horror as everything but Saitou's hand that he had shoved under the door had been evaporated into absolutely nothing. Even if you were a villain...

did you deserve to die? Even if- Sleepiness doused over me, and I fell into a slump, collapsing against the wine colored class.

Chapter 4~Mika Inoue~Librarian

"Are you awake?" I lightly tugged at the unconscious boy's shoulder. Is he the one of the only two not to evacuate? BZZT! A loud buzz caught my attention.

I squinted at the phone he held in his hand, and the bag wrapped over his arm.

The phone screen was completely shattered, and pieces of glass lay scattered on his brown hair, as well as pieces of paper.

Is this guy a candidate for the hero force? If so, I think he may have given us a chance to investigate the bomb threat. It really wasn't Timestopper's idea; it was just purely coincidental.

"Nohaku-chan... Shin-kun... both of them... set up the bomb..." He muttered, staring blankly at my forehead.

"Are you okay, Sir?" I wondered. Nohaku... Shin... I haven't heard their names before.

"Yeah... sorry. I have panic attacks often... I faint..." He apologized. "Is there anything worthwhile in the bag?" He gestured weakly. I picked up the cloth bag off his shoulder.

SK was embroidered into the fabric. Shin? I lifted up the hand with disgust, removing the plastic film that was considered a card. Kurou Cafe. Kato. He must be this Kato.

He must work at our school then.

"Do you know the victim?" I requested, surfing through the bag, and only finding a change of clothes, a packed lunch, and a journal.

"Um... he said his name was 'Saitou', or something." The boy admitted.

"Saitou Kato... Works at Kurou Cafe..." I snapped my fingers, rolling through information from the transparent board.

"Apparently mostly known for his music dedicated towards Uchiya City Hero Corruption. An orphan. Why in the world is scum like him working for a hero school then?"

"That's an interesting power... how does it work? Are you from Kurou?" The candidate continued babbling, fascinated.

"...I'm the Librarian. I work for the U-yeah, I'm in the University of Kurou." I corrected myself quickly. Better that he thinks I want to become a hero too.

"I can look up information on nearly anyone with certain search parameters."

"My name is Neiko Tanasuke. I'm looking into getting into the Kurou Academy... Too be honest, it's only because Hachido-san wants me to." I did a quick mental scan.

He's one of the adoptive sons of Mayor Tsunoda. He might be extremely useful for the case. He got up, brushing off his knees. "That scared me... Thank you for checking on me."

"That's what... heroes are supposed to do, right? Save people?" I framed. He winced.

"Sure... I just locked that guy out on accident..." Neiko muttered. It's not your fault. Poor boy.

Besides, I don't think that Kato deserved anything less than justice for how he disrupted society continuously in the past. "Can I get your name?" He looked at me dubiously.

"Right." I straightened up. "My name is Mika Inoue. Nice to meet you Neiko-san.

I'd like to ask you a favor; can you please help me investigate the case on Mayor Tsunoda's, and your brother's murder? Since you're their family, you might have something on why this happened.

Unfortunately I have reason to believe that the supervillain Storm is working with a spy in Kurou.

Can you help me survey the students?" I need to keep it vague, so he doesn't suspect anyone in particular. Plus, there might be more than one person there.

"Um... sure. I'll check throughout the bag first. I'll get back to you later, er... Mika-san. Thank you for everything again."

"There you are, Mika-chan. Do either of you need a hand?" Lifeguard joked, waggling the cadaver's hand in front of me. I recoiled, disgusted by him.

Some people repulse me, and he is one of them! Why isn't he even wearing a mask?! Why can't he call me something formal?!

"I don't need a hand. It's Mika-san. Don't think you can disrespect me just because I'm younger than you!" I shriveled up. "Now put that think aside for forensics!" He put it down, bored.

"Do either of you need a h-" Chance started.

"No! I don't need yours either!" I flared up. What a bunch of immature guys I'm with.

"Can I help anyone?" Sketch repeated, entering a few seconds after the others. He sounded genuine this time.

"Thankfully there were no casualties." AlterWorld came in, brushing past Sketch. "I don't think Inoue-san, nor the citizen need any help. Plus, we need to find-"

"Timestop before he murders more annoying figureheads of our country." Chance cut off.

"Are you kidding me?!" AlterWorld snapped. "We are in front of an average citizen."

"He's a hero candidate." I affirmed. "We need to get to Kurou before the bell ri-" DONG! DONG! DONG! As if on cue, I heard the bell gong within the tower of Kurou. We're late.

All because of these three. What were they doing? I thought that Lifeguard should have checked this station by now! Where is Timestop?

"Um... so what have you guys got against Timestop, anyways?" Neiko wondered.

Chapter Rewrap:

Shin and Nohaku, two supervillains have set up a bomb in the South Station which Neiko notices.

After Saitou tried to 'steal' the bag, he winds up perishing, as only Neiko is given a chance to flee.

Mika discovers him, and believes he is someone other than Timestop, given that his mask was blown away.

Neiko learns about Mika's suspicion and decides to go undercover as some other hero, while still maintaining both identities.

Continued: (Possible Spoilers)

Saitou Kato, the boy who tried to 'steal' the bag, actually owned the bag. It was Neiko's misconception that led him to shut Kato out. Kato was a peaceful protestor against the Uchiya law force.

Continued: (Definite Spoilers)

Branching off of that, I'll re go over the 'citizen's' backstory that Neiko spotted no less than three times.

The citizen, witnessed the aftermath of Tsunoda's murder, and tried to get help, but he was ignored, due to his 'non-hero' status.

He also watches as Kichiro gets away with forging a ticket to get past security, while he had to pay 6.5 times the price.

He notes the green haired boy's words that heroes are only there to get 'benefits' from the premise of being heroic.

The citizen was going to attend Kurou, seeing the papers he ripped up and dropped on one of the heroes he 'looked up to', after seeing that Neiko essentially murdered Kato,

and stole what could have been Kato's belongings. Neiko had made no move to save Kato, nor stop the explosion, but only caring about the selfish desire of his own safety.

This citizen later becomes known as a supervillain.

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