Time Travel- Stuck in time
Time Travel- Stuck in time time travel stories

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Boruto has a problem. A major problem. He went back in time- into his DAD'S body. And he absolutely can't get back- well not unless Naruto helps him first...

Time Travel- Stuck in time

Boruto's P.O.V: I dashed through the streets of Konoha. I couldn't wait to try out Katasuke's new game. I mean it's just so cool! SLAM. I crashed into Katasuke...oops.

The problem was, he looked more frightened than mad- "Boruto! Back up! I'm doing an experiment and you may be-" I suddenly blacked out.

I woke up- had I been dreaming? A blond haired kid scrambled away from me. "Who are you?! This is my house, believe it!" Wait. Was this my dad?! It must be- the whole place reeked of ramen.

SO...uncool. The real problem was- when HE disappeared. I had a sinking feeling. I was stuck as a replacement for NARUTO.

Naruto's P.O.V: I woke up. Had I just dreamed of the blond haired kid in my house? Must be it. I rolled over.

"Boruto! Come downstairs and eat breakfast!" Boruto? Who's Boruto? Me?

I scrambled out of bed and raced to the breakfast table grabbed some toast and dashed out to try to find out some way to get back.

Maybe Iruka Sensei would know! Despite that it was a bad idea, I ran towards the Academy. On the way there I saw a burger place, my face on the wall, a moving vehicle...

Wait! What is a burger? Why was my face on the Hokage Rock? What was that vehicle!? "Oh, you're just in time Boruto. I was wondering if your idiocy got you lost.

" Sounded like Sai, looked partially like Sai... Don't tell me this was Sai's kid!?

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