Terror on the Tracks (Pt. 2 Collab)
Terror on the Tracks (Pt. 2 Collab) fiction stories

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Caitlyn Cox
Elina Blackburn
Plot: Caitlyn Cox is a seamstress heading to Panama for relief from asthma, and to visit her family... Suddenly these plans are interrupted when an assailant attacks her with a knife. Dr. Blackburn, someone who is heading to relieve the overcrowded hospitals saves Caitlyn's life barely, but there is no guarantee that in the end they'll make it out alive.

Terror on the Tracks (Pt. 2 Collab)

Caitlyn Cox -

I opened the cab door and took a seat near the left wall - far from the door that connected the two cabs. I needed to breathe.

Having asthma in a freezing place like this, well, it was difficult. It was one of the reasons why I was going to Panama during this time of year.

Fall would soon lead to winter, and the colder it was, the harder it was to live here. So every year, I went back to Panama, where my family was.

I worked as a seamstress in a company known as Thredd and Co. I was head of one of the departments there, and luckily for me, there was one branch located in Panama.

I coughed again; the itch in my throat getting worse by the second. I could feel my throat tightening painfully, swelling from the temperature.

I took a puff from my inhaler, sucking in the bitter medicine. Most of the feeling went away, but the pain still lingered. I got up to go to the kitchen to get a warm drink.

After storing my luggage safely in the compartment above, I slid open the door and headed down the hallway.

When I reached the kitchen, I dug through one of the cabinets until I found a bottle of water, which I poured in a mug and microwaved for half a minute.

Upon taking it out, I tipped the cup back and let the lukewarm liquid drain into my tingling mouth. Suddenly, I heard a creak from behind me.

I whirled, temporarily forgetting the burning sensation in my throat. A figure in a black ski mask, goggles, and a odd looking cloak was standing right behind me.

They towered over me, probably being at least half a foot taller. My lungs constricted and I gasped for air.

“Wh-What d-do you w-want?” I demanded; voice trembling from both fear and lack of oxygen.

As they advanced, a glint of metal flashed at me from within their right sleeve. A knife. I scrambled toward the door, but not before the knife found its place in the side of my ribs.

A sticky, warm sensation spread along my skin creeping into the creases of my clothing and skin. My side burst into red-hot pain, as it throbbed in protest.

My stomach gave up and I doubled over; stars swimming past my eyes.

“Help!” I cried. “Help me!” I screamed with all my might; until the last drop of energy squeezed itself out of my lungs.

I didn’t see the rest, since my vision dulled and blackened, as I hit the floor with a resounding thud.

Elina Blackburn -

Out of the cheerful chatter and pleasant talk surrounding me, I suddenly heard a piercing, desperate cry. “Help! Help me!” Before I knew it, I was sprinting out the door and down the corridor.

A young woman was lying, half pale in a crimson pool of blood. Her heart still had a consistent pulse.

Her survival took utmost priority! With all my previous experience as a top-notch doctor, there was absolutely no way I would let her die on my watch!

I wrapped my arms around her body, hefted her up and straddled her onto my shoulders. I had to get her to the cab where my supplies were- something I immediately did.

When I arrived, all the conversation and noise in the cab died down.

“What happened?” questioned a blonde haired woman in a shimmering emerald green dress.

“I don’t know.” I replied, lifting the injured woman’s hand from her wound. The blonde haired woman’s sky blue eyes widened in genuine concern.

She cringed in horrified disgust as she observed the treatment further. She didn't seem to be well acquainted with medical practices.

Blood had soaked through the patient’s white jacket, and was rapidly spreading. I took out my first aid kit and snapped it open. The wound was going to need stitches, if not anything worse.

The cuts looked pretty deep, and it wasn’t something a bandaid would have fixed up. It was most likely caused by a knife whose blade was probably a good eight inches long.

I told the closest person to get me some water from the kitchen because I was going to need to clean the injury before dressing it.

When they returned, I quickly rinsed away the excess blood and gave her a pain reducing shot. Then I stitched up her wound and applied some ointment.

After mopping up the rest of the blood, I wrapped it up with a thick brown bandage.

“She’s all set.” I announced to the terrified crowd.

It was rather tense for the next few minutes, but I saw the patient’s eyes crack open. “Wh-Who are you?” She asked, voice weak from blood loss.

“I’m Dr. Elina Blackburn. You’re lucky that you called for help when you did. If you didn’t, you might not have gotten help in time.” I answered.

“Where am I?” She inquired, trying to sit up.

“Take it easy!” I exclaimed, guiding her gently back into a sleeping position. “You’re still on the train. It’s only been about ten minutes since you collapsed.

I gave you a pain killer since your wound was pretty deep. How did you get it?”

The young woman shuddered. “I-I was attacked by an assailant with a kn-knife.”

“Attacked?” I echoed in disbelief. I couldn’t believe this happened- it was supposed to be a safe passage travel to Panama.

“Y-yes. M-my attacker was a l-lot taller than me. They were wearing goggles, a ski mask, and a cloak- a-all black... ”

“How much taller? Could you give me an estimate?”

“Uh- maybe half a foot? I don’t know wh-why someone would attack me though...” she tentatively suggested, twiddling her thumbs.

She seemed sidetracked and I did wonder what she was possibly thinking about.

“What’s your name?” I questioned.

“Um- Caitlyn Cox.” she put forth.

I nodded. “Well, Ms. Cox, we’ll find them, don’t you worry.” I offered a comforting smile despite my own anxiety caused by the situation.

She didn't seem so sure, but she offered a nervous smile in return.

“We can’t turn back.” The conductor informed me. “This is a one way track, and we can’t reverse. You know it’s new technology. You’re one of the first passengers on this train.”

“Then at least, can’t you bring us to the nearest town?” I pleaded. Panic bubbled up in my chest. If we didn't get to a stop soon, we could all be attacked again.

I knew there was no way to call or text the police or even my contacts at the emergency room.

“No.” He responded gruffly, sounding extremely irritated as if I was a kindergartener asking for every single toy in a store. “This track doesn’t pass by any towns or cities.

When you bought a ticket, you were duly informed of that.”

I tried to think of a way off the train. There were none that I could think of. The map we received hardly showed any towns anyways.

It only displayed the towns bordering the track, and there were almost none. I sighed. Was there any way out of here?

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