Danganronpa: Collection of Scattered Memories: Profiles
Danganronpa: Collection of Scattered Memories: Profiles horror stories

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These are their complete lives transcripted below of...

Danganronpa: Collection of Scattered Memories: Profiles

I decided to also give them theme songs... I don't have enough so there is an unusual amount of Undertale, NateWantsToBattle songs...

Sero Kazuki, Ultimate Luck:

"Y-You've got to be kidding me! A k-killing game? What sadistic headcase thought of this?!"

Position: Even as the mastermind, it reveals that his pre-school life personality is one with a penchant for understanding others' grief, with a selfless heart to match with it.

He is much more realistic than most and can analyze his situation quickly, and forgive or forget people as needed for his own survival.

Appearance: He has bleached brown hair, black eyes, with dark rings underneath and a pale complexion. He often wears a maroon winter jacket, a white T-shirt, and sweatpants.

"That's a lie!"

Personality: He often is angry, and outwardly violent to those around him. He is slow to trust, and quick to question his classmates.

Pre-game Backstory: He carries around a pair of earplugs and chain necklace ever since he was imprisoned for the murder of his parents, driven by being a victim and depression from such.

He was tormented by his entire class, the main oppressors being Tatsumi Kagewa, Jiji Iseika, and Kenji Tokohama. Tatsumi and Jiji have tried to kill him multiple times.

Once they tried to drown him, and he was saved by Kenji who pretended to be his friend. All three of them use ropes to tie him up and torture him in front of the entire class.

It was this event that made him snap and kill his parents who often got abused both substance, and him.

After escaping from the scene of the crime, his class chases him down, and he falls into a river and is beaten by Jiji Iseika.

"No, thank (you.)"

In-game: His only consistently good relationship, is with Nagisa Hatsuhana who praises him after he saves her life.

Though he partners up with Tatsumi out of survival, and befriends Shiaru due to original similar mindset,

he breaks all bonds at the last trial where he declares himself to be the rightful mastermind.

When Zitz goes back to being himself, he appears to be the only one who understands Sero at the end- 'Isn't there any way for you to forgive (yourself?

)' while everybody else assumes he will kill them from his misleading speech.

Death: At the end he assigns himself as the only antagonist and sinner, and allows everyone else to survive by blowing himself up along with Monokuma as the mastermind.

Mastermind Theme Song: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by Set it Off

Asuko Kotomoshi: Ultimate Stock Broker

"You're saying you're in charge here? Can you tell me why we're in an underground bunker? Surely Hope's Peak wouldn't place its students in such a precarious situation."

Position: He isn't pleased with the situation, but does his best to remain calm. His Pre-School personality reveals his unbias, and thus probable uninvolvement with Sero's predicaments.

Appearance: He has curly brown hair, and light almond brown eyes on top of a pale complexion. He often wears a black employee's shirt, with a flame imprint all over the midriff.

His shirt is tucked loosely into the oversized belt of his gray slacks, and he also wears a pair brown trousers, with laces messily fastened.

"I'm thankful for that."

Personality: He rarely has an opinion, and when he does, he conveys it flat out without intensive emotions.

He has a tendency to be undiplomatic and will flat out accuse somebody for what they've done even without proof, and based on emotion alone- well, when he had it.

Pre-Game Backstory: Before being stuck in the school, he traded stocks for a living and spent long hours awake without much movement from his computer.

He isn't the type to care about appearance, and wasn't present in Sero's torment.

"I think my parents abandoned me at a young age."

In-Game: He doesn't seem to have a lot of relationships, probably because of his apathy. He often shares anything he knows, without a lot of emotion.

His unsociability isolated him from many- and his was one of the few deaths nobody reacted to.

Death: He died after being poisoned by Shiaru Hoden.

Theme Song: Undertale Neutral Song by NateWantsToBattle

Sora Hikaru: Tactician

"It only makes sense to glean information about your current situation by sharing something about someone you don't need, or don't even know.

You probably wanted to contact your family or similar."

Position: She has nothing against the violence of the game, because like she says, she like everyone else just wants to survive, and they should hold no qualms against complete strangers.

While not the most moral of the group, she strives to protect her sister Aisho, and her friend Kirato Kobayashi.

Appearance: She appears as a brunette with extremely short hair in a miniature ponytail at the end, with two black piercing eyes, and a serious expression.

She wears a blue half jacket and jean shorts to her knees, with black men's flipflops.

"...Kirato... Why would you do something so stupid? If you found me out... I thought I should be the one to die for offering you up as my solsace, and..."

Personality: She knows when something is too far, and she will do anything to stop that from happening.

She doesn't want to be selfish, or needlessly hurt anybody whether emotionally or physically waiting until the 4th case to take someone's life, only because of Jiji Iseika's involvement.

Pre-Game Backstory: Before the game, she lived with her mother, and her sister, and dated Kirato Kobayashi.

"Yeah, like that'd happen; is it just me, or did you migrate from planet Mars? We have something to figure out here..."

In-Game: She's very realistic, and stops all of Kirato's attempts to make immature jokes.

Unlike the others, she tries to get along with Sero, after straight out telling him what she likes and dislikes about him.

Death: She is executed by the king and queen of chess after Monokuma unrightfully votes her off the grid early.

Theme Song: Melancholy Sky by Fading Chalk (Which doesn't actually exist, but it'd be really cool if it did!)

"Of colors of our pain Fate's blue ribbon entwines, dozens of lives across the line.

Her skin lies white in my arms as falling snow makes splashes in Time's pool, blue butterfly, what would it take to erase the Clock's Forbidden Jewels?

We hate what we once loved as we fall in dissonance.~"

Danza Sosuke: Guard

"I suppose then, what I heard wasn't a fluke. She indeed yelled for help."

Position: He's not keen on lying but he will make do when it saves his own life. He isn't especially honest during the game...

Appearance: A flop of brown hair obscures his black eyes. He only wore a casual white T-shirt decorated with a jade pendant.

and a black coat that hung loosely on his thin tall form, with blue jeans barely touched his ankles in the six sentences of dialogue he got.

He also wore a pair of monochrome platforms, checkered in large squares.

"Which could be attributed to saying you were the killer, also being located closest to the door."

Personality: He immediately blamed Sero Kazuki for being the killer, after running out of other excuses to avoid his own execution.

Pre Game Backstory: It was never mentioned in the entire story.

"Am I getting blamed? Even with a supporter?"

In-Game: Without a ton of supporters he seeks to bring everyone to his side by discriminate actions against Sero, who can't stand him.

Death: He is showered by weapons in his execution due to his position as a guard.

Theme Song: Bad Liar by Imagine Dragons

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