Danganronpa: A Collection of Scattered Memories: Chapter 7
Danganronpa: A Collection of Scattered Memories: Chapter 7 horror stories

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Sero isn't quite in his right mind after being hit with poisonous gas. Can he find the culprit before the culprit finds him?

Danganronpa: A Collection of Scattered Memories: Chapter 7

Day 14: A Shot in the Dark: Flying Through Cloud 9

Current Motive: The Return of Memories

Remaining Survivors: 7

Pieces: 10/16

<Sero> "I finally got out of that place... Ugh... greenhouses are boiling hot."

<Sero> [Is that a... matchbox on the ground? I better find out where this came from. I bent down to intercept the object.]

<Sero> "Sero-chama!"

<Sero> [I bent my head, turning in the direction of the voice. Near the greenhouse? Why was Shiaru calling me? Did I leave something?]

<Sero> "Sero-san! Drop it!"

<Sero> [Drop what? My thoughts moved sluggishly, and I stumbled wildly, trying to think of what he meant. The subject? Draw pit? Draw a pit? What?]

<Sero> [SLAM! I couldn't figure out was going on even as Shiaru body-slammed into me, knocking me down the stairs, and rolling painfully.

The box flew from my hands, and exploded raining down smoke. Pretty. The smoke is pretty. Let me touch it-]

<Sero> [BANG! A gunshot rang clean through the air, and a bullet whizzed past my ear, missing me by a few inches. I tumbled down the stairs tangled in Shiaru's limbs, and started coughing.]

<Sero> [Soot and gunpowder spilled out of my lungs onto the floor, and Shiaru's face. My side felt suddenly warm.

Blood soaked through my already red sweater sripping and spilling in a gelatinous fountain on the stone steps. It looks like chocolate.

Does it taste like chocolate? It would be a shame not to try that weird red substance! What was it again? Copper? Mud? Pennies? No... pennies sounds silly. I let out a joyful laugh.]

<Sero> "Shishiyonyon-sano... I feel so happy! Do you feel happy?"

<Sero> [Shiaru didn't move.]

<Sero> "Are you sad...? Have you gone to sleep? You shouldn't get nar-hic cot- hic- hic? Right now I think I saw fireworks the first time daddy. Isn't looking at fireworks fun?"

<Sero> [He slowly rolled his head face up, and gently lifted me off. He was just faking! He wasn't asleep after all!]

<Shiaru> "Sero. I think you're high."

<Sero> "High? Like high in the air? Let's fly, Daddy!"

<Shiaru> "First just press your hands to your hips like wings. Right here."

<Sero> [He put my right hand over the reddest part of my shirt. Oh, like wings! Daddy's playing with me!]

<Shiaru> "And fly- fly- fly this way."

<Sero> [He took me back outside onto this huge boat.]

<Sero> "Is this your boat, Chichiotousan?"

<Shiaru> "Yes, now let's swoop down and land on that deck, Fighter Pilot Kazuki, a splendid landing, just like that!"

<Sero> [He hoisted me onto his back and walked quickly to the boat. We swooped down into the cargo loading dock, and he opened the fortress gates and set me down in bed.]

<Shiaru> "Now time to go to sleep, Sero-kun."

<Sero> [He sent me a strangely worried expression as it set me down in my snug bed.]

<Sero> "Good ni- Goooood HHHHH!"

<Sero> [I let out an astonishing yawn.]

<Sero> "Goo- ni-"

<Sero> [My head hit the pillow and I launched into sleep.]

Day 14: A Shot in the Dark: Blank?

Current Motive: The Return of Memories

Remaining Survivors: 7

Pieces: 10/16


<Sero> [I bolted awake screaming in pain. Everything screamed in pain. My muscles, my tendons, my sides. It hurt like I had been chewed to pieces and sewed back together with a blazing needle.

My head was a two hundred pound weight that sagged. I convulsed, spewing vomit onto the floor. I only learned how to avoid my shirt the seventh time. I'm not in my bedroom, am I? This is...

Shiaru's bedroom? Why don't I remember anything? Why am I in such critical condition?]

<Sero> [My right side was a legion of pain. It had been bruised, battered, and sliced by a serrated edge. Multiple huge gashes ran through it.]

<Kirato> "Hh-Hh-Hh-Hh- S-S-Sero san! Are you okay?!?!"

<Sero> [The blonde rushed to my side, franctically inspecting me for cuts.]

<Kirato> "Not good... Definitely not good. Tell me Sero! Who did this to you?! As soon as Shiaru told me what happened, I raced over as fast as I could!"

<Sero> [I hurt too much to know if I'm nearly dead or not. Better not reveal that.]

<Sero> "I'm fine. Just a little cut. I-"

<Sero> [I fell backwards, head spinning, as he caught me.]

<Kirato> "Man! What alcohol did you drink?! This is terrible! Here-"

<Sero> [He forced a glass of water through my mouth.]

<Sero> "I didn't... drink anything. I just... came back from the greenhouse and... I fell. I think I got knocked unconscious. Just let me explore."

<Sero> [I pushed past him through the rocky hall, and stumbled until I arrived at the stairs. It was wrong. So wrong. Blood coated the stairs from the middle down, and pooled at the bottom.

The air stings of gunpowder, and toxic substance. Fire still burns in miniature embers around the stairs. And...and the window is shattered, glass littering the floor.

A dang bullet is in the wall!]

<Hazumi> "Hey. You can't go here yet, injured guy. Go to sleep like Shiaru set you up to."

<Sero> "Wh-what happened?"

<Sero> [I choked, my mouth catching on the words.]

<Hazumi> "In a nutshell, you grabbed a box of some sort, that Shiaru suspected to be a trap, and my god he was right for once.

It exploded just as he knocked it from your hands, and at that seconds you inhaled what we would call poison gas, which corroded your system and made you believe you were on Cloud 9.

You tumbled down the stairs on glass from the shattered window from seconds ago, when somebody shot from the greenhouse window. You became a glass cushion, even though Shiaru got away...

erm relatively safely. His arm will be a mess for a while."

<Hazumi> "I can't believe it, but with you in happy go daddy mode,

he carried you even with an injured arm to his bedroom and spent time using herbal remedies to cleanse and protect your wounded body. He's in my room at the time being trying to sleep.

He inhaled as much crazy gas as you, apparently."

<Sero> [Tatsumi said his gun was missing. I guess he was right. Somebody had to have set the trap. That somebody is most likely Kirato. Of course, that makes sense with his whole Sora complex.

I nearly died.]

<Hazumi> "I'm going to try to- ARGH OHMIMOTHER YOU'RE HEAVY- to YOUR ROOM! Move it Sero! I don't have that much muscle mass you know! SOMEBODY DANG RABBITS HELP ME!!!"

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