Chapter One Part5
Chapter One Part5 video-games stories

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Malcolm Fanara I plugged the MMORPG game in. Finally. I could get out the house, without actually getting out my house.

Chapter One Part5

Malcolm Fanara

I plugged the MMORPG game in. Finally. I could get out the house, without actually getting out my house.

The problem is, whenever I exited, all my ‘fans’ for (no reason,) all of them girls, would mob me every time I went outside, trying to fawn over me for being ‘handsome,’ and ‘cool,

’ and mostly because I was rich- my whole family is.

I still have a grudge against my ‘brother,’ whom I had partnered in, in a different MMORPG, only to find he was a player killer, and had killed most of the guild,

so now I was aiming to eliminate him from the player lists. No way I was losing this game. Otherwise I might as well give up my revenge, which I’m not planning to do anytime soon.

Sherry Thompson

I plugged in the game and turned it on. Now I could pick a avatar and people would stop judging me from my appearance.

The game was a horror game, I soon found out from looking at the instructions.

There was no way my dad would approve of this, but hey, the door was locked and he wasn’t in here! After just half an hour, I would do my work, I told myself.

Usually I would have gone biking, but the jerks would be hanging around the area I knew, just to make fun of my appearance. So I had decided to play a game.

Linsey Montana

Some games for once. It wouldn’t hurt. And I guess I’m just tired of trying to get on a dating website. Somehow, every time, something called me too young.

Maybe, I had just put in the wrong date, because I didn’t really care for the process.

There were so many hot boys on the website, so unlike the fact that I went to an all girl school, for fashion.

Mostly there, there was no dances, and certainly nothing to actually dress up for, if you didn't get to date anyone. It had been my mom’s idea while my dad wanted me to stay in a normal school.

I the one my father had made me pick up for him, because the other ones were out of date. Oh well, here goes nothing.

Sira Nest

I picked a random game up from my dad’s desk, since he always leaves them around his workplace.

While technically he wasn’t supposed to be gaming, he was a Nest, and the whole line, including me, don’t want to do any work. If you want to find me, I would ninety percent be in my bedroom.

Unless of course, my mom tells me to do something, something like; clean out your dad’s office, because he doesn’t want to do himself. I supposed I would just play one of these.

Chris Anderson

I just joined my friend Sira for lunch, and when I figured out he was playing games, I joined in.

I thought it was unusual, because he would rather sleep, but hey, it was probably just to avoid chores.

Stan Lee

I got kicked off the track team because I wasn’t fast enough again. It was heartbreaking because I practiced a lot every day. I figured to get it off my mind, I would just play a game.

Something where people wouldn’t keep judging me on my smarts or physique. I would prove I could still be a normal person.

Taya Kinsworth

I huddled under my coat and got into the arcade with a semi stolen charger, technically now it was mine. I ate a sandwich- actually purchased this time.

I jammed a wad of cash down the machine and jacked it to get my money back.

I was currently hiding from a gang, but it was worth playing some games- at least until the owner finds out I didn’t actually pay. I picked a horror game after supposedly paying the machine.

Most of my money went to hotels, food, and clothing, meaning I really only owned my backpack and a few books that I study out of. Well, let’s win this thing.

I’m not going to go down so easily, after all how else would I survive?

Nex Sun

I sighed, my back against my bedroom door, it locked.

I just managed to avoid my drunk uncle who didn’t like me anyways, so if I had gotten stuck outside, my future was pretty much looking glumly back at me.

I watched my TV, seeing The Martial Artist T. She was inspiring. Because she could fight on her own two legs, whereas I still didn’t have the guts to do something about my uncle.

Take my worries off already, I’ll just play one of those virtual games. Virtual was better than reality, that was definite.

Hess Sun

I had been on suspension again. From defending ‘problem kids’ (who didn’t actually do anything, but everyone thought they were the ones causing store owners misery.

) I didn’t actually want to tell my dad this because he would get angry again and threaten me with punishment. I also kept getting teased for being soft and a wimp by my classmates.

I had decided to do something about it; I was going to test my bravery with a horror game. Because I wasn’t just going to be pushed around anymore.

Kesler Ingrid

I grabbed the horror game off the shelf I had waited so long for. Yes! Now I could finally game! I smirked and ran to the nearest cafe.

I didn’t bother purchasing anything, but instead plugged in the game to one of the computers after paying the manager for an hour. This was going to be awesome.

Shawn Honor

I ask you, how hard is it to remember my name? I decided to play a game so I could get out in ‘public.

’ My mother had said, ‘you have to be more social,’ so I counted online games as being social. It was difficult being around people.

For one, they never listened to me and cut off my explanation, two, they never asked my name, three, they thought I was weird because I liked bugs.

So gaming was the closest to socializing, I would get.

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