Chapter One Part3
Chapter One Part3 video-games stories

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“Did you just call me fat?!?! I’ll get you for that Ms. Anger Management!” Linsey yells at her despite that the fact that she had started it. Now… I sincerely hoped the game started so I could get out of the way of two angry girls. There was no way I wanted to stick around for this.

Chapter One Part3

“Did you just call me fat?!?! I’ll get you for that Ms. Anger Management!” Linsey yells at her despite that the fact that she had started it.

Now… I sincerely hoped the game started so I could get out of the way of two angry girls. There was no way I wanted to stick around for this.

“What did you just say!?!?” Soon both were bickering so loudly, we completely skipped Linsey’s turn.

We all moved to a different part of the lobby, Kesler snickering- everybody else not even caring anymore, because they were avoiding projectiles, from the two girls.

I hoped none of the projectiles; rocks or sticks, hit me since I had been the closest, once everybody else had bolted.

The lazy guy rubs his temples. Although his name was Sira, I really didn’t care since he kept napping through the introductions.

“Both of you be quiet- I might as well take a nap… You’re giving me the biggest headache in the universe. My name is Sira Nest. I came here to avoid doing chores.

But now you two are just sounding like my mom when she hasn’t had coffee.” He said with a yawn. This led to both girls trying to pummel him in the dust.

He ran far out of reach; bringing out intense snorting from Kesler; who thought the whole fight was hilarious.

Next they turned on him, causing loud yelping as he ran away from girls who were irked at his behavior. That shut him up for a while, but not for long.

And he finally lost them in the yard, turned out he was a fast runner, but he took off again, out of breath when Linsey came out from behind him again. He dashed off again.

But Linsey ran out of breath this time.

“I’m Chris Anderson.” Said the chubby guy. “I began playing because my friend Sira Nest did.” What a reason. I’m sure no gamer has ever heard that one before.

Especially not a serious on playing an MMORPG.

Linsey looked up, tired of chasing Kesler. “No wonder you’re both so irritating. You’re friends.” Luckily, Chris didn’t hear and Sira was too tired to bother chasing after her.

That was sure a rude comment. If I were either of them I would probably go after Linsey until she apologized.

She seemed to be the type to insult everyone or everything if it, or they weren’t perfect. I sincerely didn’t want her as my friend. I wondered even how those types of people were on magazines.

I couldn’t stand to be around one for even half an hour.

“Yes… one of you is fat… and the other one is lazy as a log. That would bother me too.

” It was Stone who said this, still smiling, resulting in Chris trying to smash him, somehow only listening when he got seriously insulted.

What was wrong with this guy? Couldn’t he be polite? I was royally ticked off myself, even though it wasn’t me who got insulted.

I would have stood up for Chris this time, if he hadn’t stood up for himself. Stone dodged effortlessly. “My name is Stone. Just Stone.

I played this because I was bored of trying to talk to others who somehow get really blown when I call them ugly or fat.

What’s wrong with that? I was told that giving nicknames was polite, and how to become someone’s friend. I mean, at least, this is what a book says on how to make friends.

” Even Kesler looked at him, despite his own rudeness. That was definitely not the way to make friends.

And better nicknames were for example a shortening of name or a good quality, but this was neither.

“Are you seriously emotionally retarded, or are you making fun of Chris?” Kesler asked. “Because seriously dude, that’s rude, you know.”

“I don’t know what you mean by emotionally retarded, but no, I’m not trying to insult him. Are you emotionally retarded? Because you keep interrupting everybody else.

” Kesler looked enraged this time.

“What the-”

“Be quiet and don’t curse.” Said Shawn.

“What you mean?! What is wrong with both of you?!” Kesler lunges at Stone for his rude behavior in calling him names. That was literally the only the only time Kesler seemed seriously annoyed.

“Okay- before we can even see somebody acting remotely normal in terms of behavior, let it be my turn.” She was right. Everyone had been fighting with each other up until now.

Although I still thought it was rude for her to call them not normal. Said Taya sarcastically, looking annoyed at half the other people who had introduced themselves.

“I’m Taya Kinsworth, and I’m using this game to improve my skills at fighting, since I assume there are fighting parts.” Everybody stared at her to see if she was joking.

That was including me of course. The fact was simple, she was not, and she actually was using this as a training opportunity. Well at least from the look on her face.

This time Kesler didn’t interrupt, (everyone was assuming it was because of his anger at Stone for calling him emotionally retarded, which he had yelled at Stone several times.

) I would be seriously ticked off if I was called emotionally retarded too. Stone’s reply was, ‘but you called me that.

Isn’t it fine to call others that?’ Which I guessed it was fair since Kesler had called him names too. He had technically started it but it still was very rude.

Even if it was someone like Kesler the seriously jerky person. I had wanted someone to insult Stone, but no Kesler.

The serious looking guy who had been standing next to her introduced himself. “I’m Nex Sun and my purpose for playing this game, is avoiding the rest of my household.” Wow. So inconsiderate.

Why would he insult the rest of his family?

“Th-that’s not true… right?” Hess looks at him. Oh. So the reason of their contacts was that they were related.

I thought they were just obsessed with the same character from a show or something. But then again… they hadn’t put on anything else similar.

“Yes it is. And it is quite annoying that you have to be playing the game at the same time as me.” Hess looked almost faint at this comment.

It was so rude - I couldn’t believe he was treating her like that. Especially if they were related.

“Hey, watch your mouth, Nex!” I yelled. “That’s rude- and you know it! Why would you insult your own relative?” There is no response to this question for a while. So it stung for me to say that.

One hit in. Maybe he would apologize if I was lucky. But not likely from the cold expression on his face.

“Her father ticks me off. He’s always drunk, and she already knows, he tried to kill me once.” he glares at me as if daring me to speak.

“I don’t think you would care anymore for your family if one of them did that. So no. I’m free to say what I want about the household, nobody asked her to try and comfort me.

” Scowling, he frowns at the next person to go. Not even going to bother apologizing?

This happens to be Shawn, who looks up, confirms that he’s actually talking to him, and begins talking. “My name is Shawn Honor.

As for playing this game… why? Because there is no point in talking to anyone outside the game, and whom conveniently forgets I exist.

Why? Because apparently despite talking in discussions everyone always cuts me off. So there’s no point in talking. Next person can-”

“Blah- blah blah. Who cares if you’re cut off? I think I know why. You talk too much.”

Shawn makes dagger eyes at Kesler for saying that… and cutting him off just as he was going to say it was the next person’s turn.

Barely audible he muttered to Kesler, “So… what about I say you talk too much? Because you would keep your mouth shut if you don’t want me cutting you off every two seconds.”

“You’re touchy. All I did was cut you off once. Maybe-”

“You, shouldn’t speak.” Shawn allowed himself to smile, from cutting off Kesler’s conversation.

” Whereas Shawn seemed calm, even though angry, Kesler seemed almost furious at Shawn’s interruption. “And that was officially your fault.” he murmured at Kesler’s murderous look.

“Now, next person.”

“I’m Stan Lee, and I just got on to try to not get neglected again. Manny; my teacher for the track team makes an excellent teacher.

” Taya clearly thought all their names were stupid, but nobody interrupted this time to tell him that.

“Somebody… please tell him to stay on topic.” groaned Taya, trying to piece together how track trainers and the reason why they were there had anything to do with each other.

“Stay on topic.” Says Stone in a monotone. Stan Lee doesn’t hear.

“Does anyone notice how he somehow sounds like he’s the comic book writer?

” There are sounds of agreement, followed by a pointless debate on whether or not, track runners and comic book writers were related.

Finally Linsey got her turn because everyone else had finished introducing themselves.

“My name is Linsey Montana, and my reason for playing is my dad can’t manage to purchase his own games, and I got extremely bored, so I played one of them.”

“You little sneak! You admit it, you’re not suppose to be on here, Ms. Head in the Clouds.”

“Really? And what type of name is Sherry? A type of wine? Maybe your mom should have named you better.”

“Oh, so you’re trying to chide me on my name, Montana. I didn’t know you would be so lame to get named after a state. Maybe you’re just like a grizzly bear. Ferocious and ugly.”


I would have imagined sparks dancing between their eyes at the intensity of their glaring at each other. Suddenly everyone was interrupted by a computerized voice, and introductions stopped.

“Please form into teams of three.” A computerized voice came over the speaker. “In this game, if the three-day timer runs out, all of you die.

Of course, you can add time by disposing of one of your fellow players. One whole day of extra time. The mansion will have several floors.

There is no way, in certain, you will get to the top to exit because, of course, only three players can exit… THE GAME!”

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