53 Writing Prompts
53 Writing Prompts prompts stories

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Enjoy using one of these multiple prompts! Just make sure to give credit. Any upvotes or encouragement is appreciated. I'd also like to see any ideas you have.

53 Writing Prompts

1. What is something almost everyone in modern society has seen, or possessed? What if that item or experience is very rare is the setting your story is based in? [Theory]

2. Take a show or novel character that you really like, and give a few little twists to their personality or backstory to change them into an entirely different person. [Adaption]

3. Use a color; what does that color stand for, for one person? Write a poem based on it. [Poetry]

4. Write a mystery novel switching between two points of view tricking the audience into solidly believing either one is a hero, and one is a villain, or that both are heroes,

then steadily build towards a role switch. [Psychology]

5. Write from the point of view of someone who has had all of their past friends and enemies' memories erased of them, and then send them into the future to prevent impending disasters.

[Time Travel]

6. What's a good song that you always listen to? Turn that into a story. [Adaption]

7. Write yourself into a world with no knowledge of which you came from. Things don't go as well as you hoped. [Crossover]

8. Suddenly the whole world wakes up lacking something important, of which that they've always had. How would society change? [Theory]

9. Your protagonist travels back in time the day before a tragic or life changing event, haunted by memories.

How would they use their future knowledge to manipulate the past, and become a better or worse person? [Time Travel]

10. Take the POV of the most hated person or character you can imagine and write them into a good character who is just misunderstood. [Character Development]

11. Write a love story between two characters who were forced to be together, or really dislike each other. [Romance]

12. Write a horror story from the 'good guy's' perspective, but at the end reveal them to be the antagonist. [Horror]

13. Switch between mention of a seemingly insignificant object, to somebody important, then reveal how it influences them in the weirdest ways possible. [Slow Paced]

14. Make up a sport, context, annual event, or exam. How does this effect/change the world? [Invention]

15. The protagonist of your story works for two different opposing sides, but nobody knows it. They are *not a traitor to either organization, though each one had wronged them.

What is their cause for allying with both? How are they going to achieve their goals? [Conflict]

16. The main character has a second personality that drives everybody else away. How do they make friends throughout the school year? [Comedy/Feelgood]

17. Two souls are bonded to each other, in one body, in a fantasy world. One was born in said world, and one is someone deceased from another world.

How does their interaction change the former's fate, and the world around both of them? [Fantasy/Relationship]

18. An alien comes to our world. No, not the green things with spaceships and a bad case of cownapping; a humanoid being with a few odd quirks, powers, and ridiculous weaknesses.

How do you bode together when you're both stuck together, and stuck in highschool? [Comedy/Superstition]

19. The hero and the villain fight! The latter is vanquished. Or...not. Join the memory lacking villain as they travel by the hero's side, believing they were on that side all along.

When they regain their memories, will they revert back to what they were before, or become a whole new person? [Character Development]

20. A select crop of candidates are chosen for a deadly game, but those in charge screw up and manage to snag the wrong person- or otherwise known as the main character.

How do they survive being the only one who lacks training, and is the odd one out? [Underdog/Action]

21. Tell us how everything evolves around a certain setting, or object. [Thematic]

22. Write a unrequited romance about a young character, fervently seeking out another who drives them away.

The latter should have thoughts that make it seem like they are opposed to the relationship, but they actually have a better reason behind it, and love the main character back. [Romance/Conflict]

23. Write a story about how everyone important to your life is shrunk to relatively the same age, and are growing up together. How does this change your interactions? [Theory/Relationship]

24. Take one word and write a poem themed around it. [Poetry]

25. Create a myth. [Mythology/Invention]

26. The author of a story is transported into it, and not necessarily on the winning side of whatever conflict resides inside.

How do they try and change the story? Does it work? [Theory/Crossover]

27. If you add, or subtract a member from your family, or friend circle, how would your life be different? [Theory/Relationship/Conflict]

28. Choose any item, and give it a subconscious and personality. [Theory/Psychology]

29. Write a comedy about someone misunderstood, or misunderstanding the world around them. [Comedy/Feelgood]

30. Camp is here! And so are characters from vastly different universes! How do they plan to survive campus deprived of powers, or all of them having them- except the normal people? [Comedy/Action]

31. The school year's in. Wait, that doesn't look right... As a superintendent of a school, you have to deal with characters from various universes. [Comedy/Relationship]

32. "Magic, magic doesn't exist...-" "Hey, where did my powers go?" Cross over two different characters from completely different universes. [Crossover/Comedy/Adventure]

33. It's been a year since you wound up in the magical world of _insert-here_. Suddenly, you're back into your original world.

How will you change the world? Will you try to go back? [Fantasy/OPMC/Invention]

34. Write the POV of an antihero, antagonist, or a failed hero, where everything has gone wrong around them, and how they plan to fix it, as they are sent back in time. [Time travel/Theory]

35. Insert yourself in your favorite story or show.

How would you interact with the world around you, and possibly change fate? Will you always succeed? You can do this with, or without your memories of that story.

For a challenge, try to interact with those who are originally antagonists or disliked characters in that story. [Crossover/Theory]

36. Among all the conflict and death around them, the main character has made plenty of mistakes, and even they admit it.

What if they had a chance to go back and change all of that? And what if they decide to try and save the very first person who died in the violence? What if they saved or befriended a villain?

How would that change the ending for the better or worse? [Horror/Time Travel]

37. Rewrite a story from an entire new perspective. It doesn't have to be someone who survives the story, or one of the extremes of good and evil.

It could just be someone who feels differently about the events that unfolded. [Invention/Rewrite]

38. Write a long story starting from the POV of the 'good guy'. Halfway through, interrupt it with who they framed as the 'bad guy', and show how everything they have told the readers was wrong.

You don't necessarily have to make the 'good guy' actually a bad character, just one with serious flaws, that not everyone notices upon first sight. [Reinterpretation]

39. Write a story that bounces around multiple perspectives, and timelines, and requires a lot of deduction of paying attention to the readers' surroundings to correctly interpret the ending.


40. How would a story drastically change if, for example someone arrived one minute later to an exam? If the deuteragonist, protagonist, or antagonist had met someone else first?

If a different person survived an ordeal? [Theory/Rewrite]

41. Switch up a few characters' backstories. How would they react differently? How would their interactions change the future? [Rewrite/Theory]

42. Make the hero the villain, and vice versa. How would they do things differently? How about, just switching their roles or backstories? [Rewrite/Theory]

43. Add an extra character, or subtract one from a well known, or old story's plot. How would the future change? [Theory/Rewrite]

44. Write a story evolving around an online chat. [Conceptual]

45. Write a story entirely in second person.

46. Write a story about someone talking about themselves and all the mistakes they made, but make it seem like they are talking to someone else.

Maybe, they are talking to an alternate version of themselves. You could even make them fight themselves, on opposing sides, just with different backstories. [Theory/Psychology]

47. You and story character appear in each others' lives. How do you change each other? [Theory/Relationship]

48. You have the opportunity to speak to any of the characters in a story before it starts, or in the middle.

Maybe they listen to you, and it gets better for them, or maybe they don't trust you, and rebel. [Theory/Rewrite]

49. The characters in your story break the fourth wall, and realize that they are being manipulated into making the same mistakes and terrible endings over and over.

Suddenly, they are no longer bound into their roles one day. How do they change everything? Alternately, only one person could know, but everyone is able to change according to their decisions.

[Theory/Character Development]

50. Come up with a really odd personality or habit for one of your characters to have. Why do they act this way? Can they hope to change for the future? [Psychology/Character Development]

51. The main character has been kept in isolation their whole life. How do they change when new sets of beliefs and values start being introduced to them? [Psychology/Theory]

52. The main character is either a captor, or a captive. What type of relationship do they have with the other? [Psychology/Relationships]

53. A character knows both the proclaimed villain, and the proclaimed hero well. They are close to both of them.

What will they have to sacrifice, and which lies must they make to keep peace? Will the two ever join hands? [Psychology/Interaction]

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