Part 3 woooooooooo
Part 3 woooooooooo spook stories

smug_catto Hewwo OwO
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Part 3
U get rekt at the end anyway

Part 3 woooooooooo

So heres part 3.

you look at disturbing image of the remains of a mangled human the smell is putrid its so strong you can taste it you gag at the smell the poor soul is so torn apart its impossible to even

tell if its a man or woman the body is half rotting you and the ghost decide to quickly run off as soon as you can no longer see the vile thing you look up the sky swirling

of combined thunder storms the sky is a pale red colour you curiously look at the ghost "you okay" you state "ah! Y-y-yeah im fine" it stutters looking above.

A loud crash of thunder rumbles through the rainy sky as moans and howls of the beastly undeworldly creature call you relise you should take cover the storm will get heavier its gonna

get dangerous so you call your ghostly friend to find a cabin or something somewhere to wait out the storm you begin to walk along the tired rocky road

Get rekt part 4 soon haha

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