I would spend eternity here.
I would spend eternity here.  sliceoflife stories

smooshie A Canadian college kid perusing a hobby
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A short story about a deep, late-night conversation on a bus.

I would spend eternity here.

The bus speeds over a bump in the road, rattling the old metal frame. You look out the window.

Nearing the end of spring, the area is bursting with greenery and flora that shades much of the light from surrounding streetlamps.

Despite the darkness and shadows this creates, you find comfort in being hidden from the rest of the world as you sit, secluded on this night bus.

Looking at your reflection in the window, the eyes staring back at you hold a sad, tired emotion.

"What's troubling you?" You hear a gentle, familiar voice that sends lightning to your fingertips. You glance at the reflection next to yours. A friendly face.

Turning your gaze away from the window, you see your friend seated next to you on the bus. They meet your gaze with a knowing smile.

"You seemed to disappear for a minute there, is everything okay?" They ask again, caring as they've always been. You smile a real smile, the first one in a long time.

"Yeah, I just got lost in thought." You explain, not sure of how much detail you wish to touch on. "There's just something about the bus that makes me think in a peaceful way."

You add, stopping for fear of saying too much. They're so joyful and sweet, you can't bear the thought of bumming them out.

You see a big smile cross their face. Not a smile of exhilaration, but of understanding.

The light in their eyes is that of someone who finally understood a clever joke, or heard a song that sounded the way they felt. The smile lights your heart ablaze.

you love seeing people happy, especially your friend. "I know the sensation," they begin telling you, capturing your intrigue.

"I think if I were to spend eternity anywhere, it would be on the bus at night."

You're shocked, running through your mind all the beautiful, rich places in the world that you could live in forever. "Really? Why the bus?" You ask, taken aback by such an odd statement.

You watch your dear friend glance around the bus for a moment, a dreamy expression on their face. "It's empty and quiet here.

You ever just want to disappear? Stop existing for a while?" They trail off, but you decide to wait for them to elaborate.

The chords and hand rings sway, taking their time moving to and fro as the bus makes a wide turn.

"There's no one on this bus. No one expecting anything of me. I'm overwhelmed with..." You watch them glace around the bus, then look down at their hands and smile. "I feel blissful.

Things just feel right, here. But I must say," They add, changing their tone to sound a little livelier. "The night bus has never felt quite as peaceful as it does right now."

Your friend looks up to meet your gaze, and holds you there for a moment. You submit to their warm eyes. "What do you mean?" You ask, jostled slightly by another bump the bus drove over.

Your companion releases a small sigh and smiles a little bigger. "I like sitting on this bus in solitude, but I think it's a whole lot nicer to have someone here with me."

You take a moment to look around you. It looks completely black outside, the blue hue of the bus lights reflecting a soothing glow against the windows.

The hum of the engine and the gentle rocking of the seat lull you away and calm you. Your friend's arm is pressed against yours, warm and comforting.

Simply knowing that they're next to you fills you with a feeling of security.

You find comfort knowing that, despite the infinite size of the universe, two small people in a big, mean world can find joy in each others company, riding a bus late at night.

"The bus is nice, but it's nicer with you." They finish, staring off to the front of the bus. You follow their gaze, and a smile creeps across your face. You speak finally, after some silence.

"I think that you are very right, my friend." you sigh and add,

“This bus is nice, but it’s nicer with you.”

Thank you.

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